Is This the Safest Way to Do Magic Mushrooms?

Lemon tek (or lemon tekking) is a particular method of consuming psilocybin mushrooms. It involves letting your shrooms sit in lemon or lime juice and then consuming them after about 20 minutes.

This is meant to lead to a different mushroom experience, one which many users prefer. But is a lemon tek mushroom experience a safer alternative to a normal one?

What Is A Lemon Tek Mushroom Experience?

This way of consuming shrooms, as mentioned before, involves letting your dose of shrooms sit in lemon or lime juice, for about 15-20 minutes.

The lemon tek mushroom experience may do the following. - Come on faster - Have a shorter duration overall, including a shorter come up and come down - Be more intense

Lemon tekking can reduce nausea and body load. This is because the mushroom has been broken down beforehand, giving the body less work to do. 

The Downsides Of A Fast Come Up

When consuming dried shrooms as they are, the come up will last 30-90 minutes. During a lemon tek experience, this timeframe will shorten to 10-45 minutes.

Some people would prefer for the effects of the shrooms to come on quicker, rather than waiting for them to take effect. But for others, a faster come up may feel jarring and unnerving.

Having An Unexpectedly Strong Experience

Many psychedelic users would prefer to have a stronger experience, especially if they want mystical effects.

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