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Is A Lemon Tek Mushroom Experience Really A Safer Alternative?

Is A Lemon Tek Mushroom Experience Really A Safer Alternative?

Lemon tek (or lemon tekking) is a particular method of consuming psilocybin mushrooms. It involves letting your shrooms sit in lemon or lime juice and then consuming them after about 20 minutes. This is meant to lead to a different mushroom experience, one which many users prefer.

But is a lemon tek mushroom experience a safer alternative to a normal one?

While a lemon tek mushroom experience may be preferable in terms of its physical effects, intensity, and duration, it’s important to know whether this way of consuming shrooms is safe for all types of users.

As we will see, lemon tekking does not generally pose any greater risks to an individual than consuming dried mushrooms as they are. But there are some caveats. There are some instances in which some unpleasant physical effects may occur, as well as unexpected psychological effects.

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What Is A Lemon Tek Mushroom Experience?

A lemon tek mushroom experience can be quite different from a normal mushroom trip experience. This way of consuming shrooms, as mentioned before, involves letting your dose of shrooms sit in lemon or lime juice, for about 15-20 minutes.

The idea behind this practice is that the lemon and lime juice will break down the mushroom material before it enters your body. This is because the acidity of the citric acid in lemon and lime juice is similar to that of stomach acid. So lemon tekking essentially replicates the environment in which the body breaks down food.

By breaking down the mushrooms before consuming them, the lemon tek mushroom experience may do the following.

  • Come on faster
  • Have a shorter duration overall, including a shorter come up and come down
  • Be more intense
  • Involve less nausea and body load

For many users, these are all benefits. Reduced nausea, it goes without saying, is something all users would prefer. Nausea from magic mushrooms is a common physical effect. For some people, it can be mild and not too much of an issue. It may be seen as just part of the experience.

For others, however, mushroom-induced nausea can be more uncomfortable and distract from the experience. Nausea is typically present during the onset and come up, but there are times when it can persist during the trip.

Lemon tekking can reduce nausea and body load. This is because the mushroom has been broken down beforehand, giving the body less work to do. A lemon tek mushroom experience, therefore, is generally felt to be more physically pleasant.

However, due to the other effects of lemon tekking, it is possible for a lemon tek mushroom experience to catch you off guard.

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The Downsides Of A Fast Come Up

When consuming dried shrooms as they are, the come up will last 30-90 minutes. During a lemon tek experience, this timeframe will shorten to 10-45 minutes.

Some people would prefer for the effects of the shrooms to come on quicker, rather than waiting for them to take effect. But for others, a faster come up may feel jarring and unnerving. If you’ve never had a lemon tek mushroom experience before, the fast come up may feel overwhelming. This gives you little time to adapt to the quick effects.

It is possible, then, that a fast come up may lead to a difficult mushroom experience. You should at least be prepared for a lemon tek mushroom experience to come on quicker. This way, there won’t be a surprise by the effects.

Having An Unexpectedly Strong Experience

To reiterate, a lemon tek mushroom experience can be more intense than taking the same dose but without lemon tekking. Many psychedelic users would prefer to have a stronger experience, especially if they want mystical effects. Moreover, it is much more economical to consume mushrooms this way, as it gives you the most bang for your buck.

But, just as with a fast come up, a strong mushroom experience may be unexpected. It’s crucial to understand that taking a moderate dosage of shrooms may lead to a strong experience. Indeed, many users claim that lemon tekking can double the intensity of the trip.

If you haven’t had a lemon tek mushroom trip before, it is possible you might find that the experience is too intense. This is why you need to make sure to adjust your dosage. In order to reduce your chances of becoming overwhelmed and having a distressing experience, it’s worth playing it safe by halving your normal dose — or taking a low dose — when lemon tekking.

Also, keep in mind that most people lemon tek with moderately potent shrooms like Psilocybe cubensis. It’s best not to lemon tek for the first time using a potent type of mushroom, like penis envy mushrooms, for example. Doing so may lead to an even more unexpectedly strong trip.

A Warning For Those With A Sensitive Stomach

If you have a sensitive stomach, it’s possible that you might experience some acid reflux during a lemon tek mushroom experience. Even amongst those who don’t have a particularly sensitive stomach, some users still report acid reflux when lemon tekking.

One way to minimize any gastrointestinal (GI) upset is by fasting for at least 3-4 hours before you lemon tek. You should be aware, though, that fasting before a trip can intensify the experience.

For the sake of minimizing GI upset, you should also be mindful of your overall diet in the days leading up to the lemon tek mushroom trip, making sure to eat healthily and avoid alcohol.

A Lemon Tek Mushroom Experience Is Safe

Lemon tekking does not really change the safety of the magic mushroom experience. Consuming shrooms that have been soaked in lemon or lime juice does not pose any greater physical risks.

The exception would be if you have a sensitivity or allergy to citric acid. However, this is rare. And even if you did have such a sensitivity or allergy, you will already be aware of it and so know to avoid lemon or lime juice.

A Lemon Tek Mushroom Experience Is Not Safer Or Less Safe Than A Normal Mushroom Trip

When lemon tekking, the mushrooms will still be non-toxic, as they were before soaking in critic acid. There is nothing about this method of consumption that makes the mushrooms any safer or less safe.

The exception, as described earlier, is if you lemon tek taking and you’re not prepared for a potentially strong experience. If you tend to take moderate doses of mushrooms — and you take this dose when lemon tekking — then it is possible that you will have a type of experience that you might reach with a normal strong dose of mushrooms.

If you are not ready for this, and you lack a trip sitter or emotional support, you may experience some distress. But if you appropriately adjust your dosage when lemon tekking, the experience may not be any more intense.

It will likely just involve a faster come up, a peak that occurs sooner, a quicker come down, a shorter experience overall, and reduced nausea.

The Benefits Of Lemon Tekking

While lemon tekking may not necessarily differ from a normal mushroom trip in terms of safety, it might offer more benefits. This may be due to lemon tekking increasing the bioavailability of the compounds in magic mushrooms.

Most of the compounds in shrooms are held in the cell walls, which are made up of chitin in the case of fungi (rather than cellulose, as in the case of plants). When lemon tekking, the critic acid helps to break down the chitin before consumption, making the compounds in the mushrooms more bioavailable.

As well as psilocybin and psilocin, magic mushrooms contain the below.

  • Baeocystin
  • Norbaeocystin
  • Norpsilocin
  • Beta-carbolines

If these compounds have a greater bioavailability through the lemon tek method, you might experience an entourage effect similar to that provided by cannabis. The entourage effect, in relation to cannabis, is a proposed mechanism by which cannabis compounds interact with each other in a way that alters the overall psychoactive and medicinal effects.

The different compounds in psilocybin mushrooms may work in a similar way. They may lead to a synergistic effect, whereby the compounds together create benefits not seen with psilocybin alone. By increasing the bioavailability of the mushroom’s compounds, lemon tekking may enhance the benefits of shrooms.

Lemon Tekking Requires The Same Level Of Care As Any Other Mushroom Experience

Lemon tekking may lead to a more physically comfortable experience. However, this does not mean that the trip will be easier or wholly positive. You should take the same precautions when lemon tekking as with any other mushroom experience.

This means the following:

  • Making sure you are in the right frame of mind before taking the mushrooms. This means having clear and positive intentions. Having a psychedelic experience takes preparation, so avoid having anything you need to attend to or worry about during the trip.
  • Taking the mushrooms in a safe environment, with people you trust (if you’re tripping with others), and emotional support at hand should you need it.
  • Knowing how to deal with difficult emotions should they arise, such as by practicing mindfulness and acceptance.

A lemon tek mushroom experience is as physically safe as any other mushroom experience. But it is not necessarily psychologically safer. In fact, if you are not ready for the unique effects of lemon tekking, the experience may become challenging.

However, with the right preparation, you can have a smooth and beneficial journey.

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