Looking For Addiction Treatment In Portugal? Here’s Why Iboga Or Ibogaine May Be An Option

Looking For Addiction Treatment In Portugal? Here’s Why Iboga Or Ibogaine May Be An Option

If you are struggling with addiction, you may be considering treatment options in countries worldwide. Portugal is one option that offers a unique approach to addiction treatment: Iboga and Ibogaine.

Iboga is a plant medicine that has been used for physical healing, mental healing, and spiritual discovery by the Bwiti in west equatorial Africa for a very long time. Ibogaine, the primary alkaloid found in Iboga, is effective in treating addiction, and there are several reasons why each may be a good option for you.

Addiction Interruption

First, Ibogaine can interrupt the addiction cycle by helping to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It works by blocking the receptors in the brain responsible for addiction, which can help reduce or eliminate the physical symptoms of withdrawal.

This is especially beneficial for people who have been using opiates or other substances for an extended time, as it can relieve some of the most uncomfortable symptoms associated with these drugs.

Iboga Treatment Is More Efficient

In addition, treatment with Ibogaine is typically shorter. It gets much more done in less time than traditional detoxification and rehabilitation programs, which can save you lots of time and money.

Initial ibogaine treatments usually last between four and seven days, compared to conventional programs, which can require weeks or even months of inpatient treatment. Ibogaine is often more efficient for those looking for quick relief from their addiction since it does not require long-term participation.

However, I have seen much more success with people who take more time after the detox to focus more on their healing. At an Iboga detox center like Root Healing, a person can complete their healing in a few weeks after detoxing. This will save them from regular 28+ day stays at ineffective traditional rehabs – another reason why our addiction treatment in Portugal is a simpler process.

Iboga Treatment Improves Your Mental State

Ibogaine can also help improve your mental and emotional state, giving you the strength and clarity you need to make positive lifestyle changes. It can positively affect mood and can help reduce anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

One of the ways Ibogaine does this is by increasing serotonin similar to commonly prescribed antidepressants. This is especially important for those dealing with addiction and co-occurring disorders.

There is a high prevalence of depression and anxiety among addiction patients. People who suffer from mental health problems often use drugs and alcohol to cope. By targeting these symptoms, Ibogaine can lessen the desire for self-medicating with drugs or alcohol.

Gaining Insight

Most importantly, Ibogaine can also provide insight into your addiction and life by showing you the truth about the root cause.

During treatment, you may review memories and pivotal life events that continue to impact you. This can give you a better understanding of yourself and help shape your recovery approach, but most importantly, it can set you free from your past so that you can enjoy your life now.

Neuroplasticity And New Patterns

Ibogaine and Iboga are potent potentiators of Neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is a process in which the brain changes its physical structure and content via the formation of new neurons and synapses. This allows for learning and memory but can also lead to new patterns or behaviors being created or reinforced.

Ibogaine has been found to help create these new pathways by allowing users to rewire their brains in a way that promotes positive behavior and thought patterns, leading to long-term sobriety. This is an essential part of the healing process for those suffering from addiction, since addiction itself was just a pattern of behavior.

The Difference Between Iboga And Ibogaine

Ibogaine is the primary active alkaloid in Iboga, whereas Iboga is the full spectrum and spirit. Known as the “Godfather” of all plant medicines, Iboga is already a perfect healing tool.

Iboga also contains other alkaloids, such as Ibogamine and coronadine, which have potent anti-addictive substances. So with the added benefit of all the alkaloids individually and synergistically, Iboga can be much more effective when used in a detox treatment.

Lastly, there is a difference in the environment and approach. Unlike Ibogaine, which is usually administered in a clinical setting without much spiritual support, Iboga is generally administered in a retreat center with a strong spiritual component.

Our center, Root Healing, brings together the Bwiti tradition and modern medical science. This allows guests to safely detox, then focus on healing the root causes of the addiction in the first place.

In Conclusion – Addiction Treatment In Portugal

Ibogaine and Iboga are both effective addiction treatment in Portugal, and each has its own unique strengths.

While Ibogaine provides relatively quick relief from withdrawal symptoms, an Iboga retreat is more holistic and works to address the underlying causes of addiction. Both can be beneficial for those seeking treatment, although it is important to choose the right approach for you.


Ryan "Ghenigho" Rich

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Ryan "Ghenigho" Rich is the founder of Root Healing. He is a traditional Missoko Bwiti Iboga provider who was trained and empowered to lead retreats and also offer preinitiations to men and women. His work with Iboga includes Traditional Bwiti Iboga Ceremonies, Iboga Assisted Detox, Pre-initiations, Iboga Preparation, and Iboga Integration Counseling. Ryan is a lead provider at most of the Root Healing ceremonies and our Detox program. Ryan also studies/practices Tantra, Engaged Buddhism, and of course, Bwiti. In addition to his Bwiti/Iboga work, Ryan is a meditation teacher, counselor, and mentor. Ryan loves to help people liberate themselves from their conditioning and their fear and actualize a more full, engaged life.

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