Charley is a freelance writer currently traveling the world to try and satisfy her endless curiosity. She has been fascinated by psychedelics since her days at art school and now spends her time researching and writing about these multifaceted compounds. Charley has interviewed biotech CEOs, Athletes, Therapists, and worked with several indigenous tribes that traditionally use psychedelics. She is dedicated to helping people find growth through psychedelic medicines while making safe and educated decisions regarding their experiences. Through extensive research and experimentation, Charley has issues and solutions within the practices and ethics of psychedelic therapy and ceremony that she hopes to share with others so that they can make the most of their own psychedelic use. She believes that everyone is the hero of their own life, and psychedelics can help people step up into that role.

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Interested in the Ketamine Industry? We’ve Created the First Newsletter For You

Introducing Ketamine Insights Weekly, a new newsletter created specifically for the ketamine clinic and therapy industry.

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Psychedelics Won’t “Fix” You. Here’s What They Will Do

Psychedelic medicines can help you learn to face your problems and either overcome them or accept them. With proper guidance

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How Psychedelics Helped Pro Fighters, Hockey Players (and Me!) Heal From a Traumatic Brain Injury

A brain injury dimmed my world. And there's no easy treatment. Then I found hope in surprising places: the UFC,

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