Julian Bost (he/ him) is a psychedelic freelance writer & consultant, a Vital Training Coordinator for Psychedelics Today, a research associate for the Integrated Research Literacy Group, a Psychedelic IFS-Therapist in training, and a volunteer for the Nowak Society of the greater Denver area. Originally an economist, he has self-studied the potential of psychedelics to heal various chronic pain conditions, along with cognitive psychology and human anatomy, and he has over 15 years of experience in resolving his own pain & injury as a lifelong athlete.

Julian's Posts

Tens of Thousands of Trained Psychedelic Practitioners Needed, Experts Say

Thousands of psychedelic clinics may open soon. Tens of thousands of trained therapists are needed. It's a huge opportunity. What

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Psychedelic Therapist Training: How to Become a Certified Psychedelic Therapist

Psychedelic therapy is one of the most promising new pathways toward healing, growth, self-knowledge, and connection. The world will need

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