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2nd Chance Litchfield is a health and wellness center that offers patients a chance to heal from their afflictions through various treatment modalities. One innovative therapy option available at the clinic is transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy (TMS). TMS therapy is clinically proven to improve the symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more.

The highly-experienced and compassionate staff at 2nd Chance Litchfield takes pride in offering patients effective treatment in a safe and comfortable environment. Their main philosophy is that every person deserves a second chance. That’s why, at the clinic, people can receive TMS therapy alongside other proven therapy options to improve their chances of healing from mental health disorders.

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  • Brandy Kelly
    August 22, 2023 at 7:35 pm

    I desperately need help. I am a 2-year clean addict, up from 3 decades of abuse poly substance abuser. I have only digressed in mood stability & suffer immensely from depression, anxiety, & PTSD. I am educated with a MSW (social work) & am unwilling to subject myself to the pharmaceutical industries idea of help thru meds that will either make me fat or turn into an emotional zombie. Like every addict, my story is elaborate & will not fit in the text of this message. I am VERY much in need of some assistance. I would like to be a psychedelic assisted therapist some day in the future, so PLEASE help me. i am so isolated & withdrawn & whereas I thought being sober was the answer, it now seems to be just the beginning of my (hopeful) understanding of what issues are really at the bone here. some other issues include: but are certainly not limited to: my being unfocused, unmotivated, distracted by meaningless things (such as TV), that keep me from learning skills to cope with life & my growing unease with life issues. I am currently on disability times 13 years& want to return to working, assisting others & my God, more than ANYTHING… have some semblance or peace in my life for the FIRST TIME. EVER! Please help me. This is for sure, one of the last options I have for having a decent existence, without feelings of constant dread or doom.

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