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People suffering from a wide range of mental health conditions can find relief from their symptoms at Awakn Clinics London. Awakn delivers ketamine-assisted therapy as a treatment for Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and Eating disorders. This approach combines talking therapy with sessions assisted by ketamine.

This combination has unique effects on the brain circuitry associated with unhelpful thinking and behavioral patterns. It may allow you to work through issues in ways that have not been possible with therapy alone, and help you to relearn the behaviors and thought patterns that hold you back.

Ketamine therapy is a clinically proven treatment option for people who have tried traditional medicines to no avail and offers the potential to create fundamental changes that deliver profound improvements to your mental health.

The talented and passionate clinical team at Awakn Clinics London take pride in offering innovative evidence-based healthcare in a safe and modern environment, to ensure that each patient gets the most out of their therapy, the staff at the clinic provides treatment plans that are tailored to each person’s unique individual needs.

Testimonials from Awakn Clinics Patients

I couldn’t believe the difference the treatment has made, it’s indescribable, it’s absolutely unfathomable that this is possible.

Faith, Treated for PTSD, Depression and Anxiety

The only thing I am looking back on now, is that I wish I had discovered Awakn’s treatment earlier.

Catherine, Treated for Alcohol addiction

I just couldn’t believe it. It was like nothing I’ve ever tried before. I’ve got a completely new outlook on things. For me, it made all the difference.

Rhys, Treated for Depression

In a non-cheesy way, it actually probably changed my life around and kept me alive.

Male Client, Treated for Alcohol addiction

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  • Thibaud Wittemer
    September 4, 2022 at 1:04 pm

    My name is Thibaud and I am French. I have OCD and am taking treatment:
    – risperdal: 1.5mg every evening
    – lithium (teralith): 400mg each evening
    – paroxetine: 50mg each evening
    Is it possible to continue my treatment and try ketamine to treat myself?
    What do you think ?
    Thibaud WITTEMER

    Helpful Review 9
  • Thibaud Wittemer
    August 27, 2022 at 4:19 pm

    Hello, I’m tibo, I’m french, and I talk english not really well.
    I want ti test ketamine because I have a OCD, I take medication but I so heavy.

    Helpful Review 1

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