Colibrí Garden – Santa Elena, Medellin, Colombia Ayahuasca Retreats

Santa Elena, Medellin, Colombia
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Colibrí Garden is a wellness retreat that focuses on providing different ayahuasca experiences in the hopes of helping people heal from afflictions and realize their best selves. The team at the healing center takes pride in offering people from around the globe the chance to partake in ancestral medicine and their heart-centered coaching. By giving this opportunity to guests, they hope to give people their power back.

The center’s main mission is to provide healing, but they do it in a way that provides whole-body change. The center focuses on three pillars: weeding, planting, and nurturing. The weeding phase cleanses the mind and body of stuck emotions and limiting beliefs. The planting stage helps plant new and healthier ideals within the heart and mind, and the nurturing aspect focuses on nurturing the new and healthier foundations.

The team at Colibrí Garden aims to help each person start their own new hypothetical garden for better well-being.

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  • Robert Quinn
    September 30, 2023 at 9:38 pm

    I have been using Keramine for about 7 years and it works really well, I’m here on vacation supposedly go back today feeling sick and tired from my depression wondering if you could get me in today I realize it’s last minute
    My flight leaves at 7 tomorrow morning

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