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Conditions They Treat: Depression, OCD, anxiety

HealingMaps Says: People coping with the debilitating symptoms of mood disorders can find relief at Dr. Michelle Weiner in Kendall. The wellness clinic utilizes legal psychedelic therapy using ketamine as a way to address health issues.

Pricing: $300-$500 with 3-6 treatments in a typical protocol.

Patient/Testimonial: “Doctor Michelle Weiner has been a life savior since I switched to her care for pain management. Before it was a struggle to get good pain killers prescriptions and timely refills, leaving me in pain and disabled to live life and suffering. Dr. Weiner has an understanding of how life in pain is. And she is committed to eliminating that pain. She thoroughly studied all my conditions and prescriptions and was able to find the pain killer prescription that works for me. Thank you and many blessings.” Joy W. via Google

Do They Offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy? Sort of. They offer a “brief integration discussion” after your treatment. So you’ll likely need your own therapist to truly have an integration.

Facility Vibes: A bit of a holistic chill out den meets doctor’s office. A big leather la-z-boy, which is nice. With plenty of warm chairs and earthy tones mixed in.

Are Female Practitioners Available? Yes!

Do They Accept Insurance? No they do not.

Additional Info:

Dr. Michelle Weiner Kendall is comprised of a skilled ketamine team under the knowledgeable guidance of Dr. Michelle Weiner. The team offers ketamine infusion services in a warm and welcoming environment.

By offering modern modalities, the treatment center can help many patients regain control of their mental health once and for all.

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