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Elevated Medicine in Durango, CO, specializes in harnessing the latest advances in medical science to provide Ketamine Therapy for mental health. Our expert team is dedicated to helping you find relief from mood disorders and trauma in a safe, supportive environment. Experience transformative treatments that offer hope and healing, backed by the latest research and medical expertise. Discover the power of science in improving mental well-being at our Durango clinic, where your journey to a brighter future begins.

Treatments Offered at Elevated Medicine


Ketamine treatment for depression offers a promising alternative for individuals who have struggled with treatment-resistant depression. Administered under medical supervision at our clinic in Durango, this innovative therapy leverages the rapid-acting properties of ketamine to provide swift relief from depressive symptoms. By modulating NMDA receptors in the brain and promoting neuroplasticity, ketamine encourages the growth and maintenance of neurons, potentially leading to improved mood. Paired with psychotherapy, ketamine sessions can help patients confront and process underlying emotional issues. Ketamine therapy has shown remarkable potential in alleviating depression, offering a lifeline to those who have exhausted conventional treatment options.


Ketamine treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) presents a novel approach to addressing the often-debilitating symptoms of this condition. Administered by trained healthcare professionals in a controlled setting, ketamine therapy holds promise in rapidly alleviating the distressing symptoms of PTSD, including intrusive thoughts, nightmares, and emotional turmoil. By modulating brain chemistry, ketamine may facilitate the processing of traumatic memories and reduce the emotional charge associated with them, making it easier for individuals to engage in psychotherapy and confront their past traumas. Ketamine therapy offers hope to those who have struggled to find relief through conventional treatments, potentially providing a path towards healing and recovery from the debilitating effects of PTSD.


Ketamine treatment for anxiety offers a ray of hope for individuals grappling with severe anxiety disorders that have not responded adequately to traditional therapies. Administered by experienced healthcare professionals in a controlled medical environment, ketamine therapy has the remarkable ability to provide rapid relief from debilitating anxiety symptoms. Through its modulation of brain receptors, ketamine can offer a respite from the relentless cycle of anxious thoughts and feelings, helping individuals regain a sense of calm and control. This therapeutic approach is often integrated with psychotherapy to address the underlying causes of anxiety and equip patients with valuable coping strategies. Ketamine treatment at our Durango clinic offers the potential for life-changing results, opening doors to a brighter and less anxiety-ridden future for those who have struggled with their mental well-being.


Ketamine treatment at the end of life offers profound relief and solace to individuals facing the challenges of advanced illness or terminal conditions. Administered under the care of compassionate healthcare professionals, ketamine’s multifaceted benefits become a vital component of palliative care. It not only manages severe pain with remarkable effectiveness but also alleviates anxiety, depression, and existential distress, allowing patients to experience moments of peace and emotional clarity. Ketamine’s potential to reduce opioid dependence and its capacity to foster therapeutic insights in the context of end-of-life psychotherapy further enhance its role in this sensitive and deeply meaningful journey. As a tool of comfort and compassion, ketamine helps individuals find tranquility and acceptance during their final moments, providing dignity and relief in the face of life’s ultimate transition.


  • Free initial consultation and medical prescreening
  • We offer 15% discounts to veterans, first responders, healthcare professionals, and teachers. Sliding scale pricing is available.
  • IV/IM treatment: $400 ($2,400 package of 6 recommended)
  • We offer at-home treatments for your convenience. Our medical team (physician, nurse, and/or paramedic) will come to your house.


I am an EOL Doula (Durango End of Life Doulas) and recently experienced a beautiful treatment with Elevated Medicine. The EM staff are knowledgeable, kind, helpful and professional in the Services they offer which includes Ketamine. I highly recommend this Team.

— Christine, P.

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