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Healing Ketamine in Orem, Utah, provides ketamine therapy services to people battling chronic pain and mood disorders. Many chronic conditions are notoriously difficult to treat with traditional medicine. Still, ketamine therapy is a relatively new and clinically proven treatment modality for when typical first-line therapies don’t work.

Led by Kendall Miller, CRNA, BLS, ACLS, Healing Ketamine takes new-age healing and transforms it into accessible and modern healthcare. The medical team at the center is highly knowledgeable and passionate about helping people find the light at the end of the tunnel after suffering from chronic disorders for so long.

By utilizing ketamine, the clinic can continue to commit itself to helping people heal from their afflictions once and for all.


The individuals you will encounter here are exceptional in all aspects of care and have always ensured comfort.

— Victoria A.

Incredibly effective treatment for me. I felt the effects immediately after only one session and they lasted.

— David M.

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