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Innerwell New York in New York City, New York

Innerwell offers ketamine treatment and psychotherapy with licensed experts from the comfort of your own home or in-person at our office locations.

Innerwell New York in New York City, New York

Innerwell patients get:

  • Collaborative care from a personal team of licensed experts, including a psychiatric clinician and a psychotherapists
  • Personalized care with a bespoke treatment plan created for you including dose & frequency
  • Safe, at-home ketamine treatment using oral rapid dissolve tablets and an interactive guide to walk you through safety checks, intention setting, and taking your medicine
  • Highly specialized ketamine-assisted psychotherapy services available, including options to add therapy sessions before, during, or after your ketamine experiences
  • Ongoing optimization with continuous adjustments to your care plan based on follow-up appointments and symptom check-ins

Signup today for a risk-free consultation with a psychiatric clinician. You’ll get a full refund if ketamine isn’t right for you. See If You’re A Fit


I’m truly blown away. In 20 years of battling depression nothing has had such a rapid, profound and seemingly meaningful effect on me. Cannot thank you enough!

– Rachel Y.

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