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Located in the renovated Clinica Luz, the Instituto Dr. Scheib in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, has been a pioneering clinic in offering ketamine therapy treatments to people suffering from the debilitating symptoms of treatment-resistant mental health and pain disorders. The Palma de Mallorca clinic offers both in- and outpatient services, with numerous choices of accommodations close by for those traveling to the island for treatment. The results of ketamine therapy are being constantly scientifically evaluated, both at leading research labs and at the Instituto Dr. Scheib itself. By maintaining a high level of awareness of the latest findings, the team at the clinic are able to offer the most innovative and comprehensive treatments possible for their clients.

Among the many international experts at the Instituto Dr. Scheib in Palma de Mallorca is Karin Svabik, a bilingual Psychologist and Behavioral Therapist. Karin has been practicing at the Mallorca clinic since 2018, and also a certified equine (horse) therapist! Ketamine treatments are an “off-label” use of the medication that have resulted in a recognition of the remarkable positive benefits of ketamine in treating the symptoms of difficult to manage conditions. The caregivers at Dr. Scheib’s wellness centers take into account all aspects of a patient’s life when formulating a treatment plan, including social and environmental aspects. This holistic view of the body and the individual allows the therapists and physicians at the Instituto Dr. Scheib to offer a patient-centered approach regarding the treatment their disorder.

Offered Treatments

  • Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Treated Conditions

  • Treatment-Resistant Depression
  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Addiction
  • Chronic Pain

Important Info

  • Please contact the clinic for information about pricing and possible contra-indicative medications and conditions.
  • Check with our insurance provider about coverage for treatments. Some providers do cover ketamine therapy.
  • Patients may not drive again on the day of treatment, and will need a reliable ride home.

Your Treatment: What to Expect

Ketamine therapy at the Instituto Dr. Scheib take approximately 40 minutes per infusion. Prior to treatments, patients undergo a rigorous exam and planning session in order to make the most beneficial use of the infusion treatment. A therapist is in the room at all times with each patient, to help guide the experience and to make sure that any unpleasant side effects are treated immediately and don’t take away from the therapeutic experience.

Who is this treatment for?

Research into low-dose ketamine infusion therapy shows that it is a useful and fast-acting alternative for individuals who have seen little to no significant positive improvement in the symptoms of their mental health or chronic pain disorders. Such disorders are termed “treatment-resistant,” and ketamine therapy is now recognized as a powerful tool in treating such resistant conditions. Treatments at the Instituto Dr. Scheib can offer hope to those who have lost it.

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  • Thibaud Wittemer
    March 16, 2023 at 5:51 pm

    Je m’appelle Thibaud et je suis français. J’ai un TOC et je prends un traitement :
    – risperdal : 1.5mg chaque soir
    – lithium (téralithe) : 400mg chaque soir
    – paroxétine : 50mg chaque soir
    Est-il possible de continuer mon traitement et d’essayer la kétamine pour me soigner ?
    Qu’en pensez-vous ?
    Je voulais vous prévenir aussi que je ne parle seulement un peu l’anglais.
    Thibaud WITTEMER

    Helpful Review 2

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