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The Midwest Institute for Hearts and Minds provides ketamine infusion services to people with chronic pain and mood disorders. Breakthrough ketamine treatments have shown to be effective for treatment-resistant conditions, and the medical center helps people overcome their symptoms of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and complex regional pain syndrome one infusion at a time.

Here’s What People Like and Don’t Like About Midwest Institute for Hearts and Minds in St. Louis, Missouri

What they Like:

  • Focus on Treatment-Resistant Conditions: They specialize in treating depression, anxiety, and chronic pain that haven’t responded well to traditional methods.
  • Variety of Treatment Options: Beyond medication management, they offer ketamine infusions, a relatively new approach for certain conditions.
  • Experienced Staff: Their team consists of doctors with experience in treating mood disorders and chronic pain.
  • Personalized Care: They emphasize creating individualized treatment plans for each patient.
  • Positive Online Reviews: Client testimonials on their website highlight successful experiences with ketamine treatment. It’s important to note these might not be entirely representative.

What They Don’t Like:

  • Limited Treatment Options: Their services primarily focus on ketamine infusions, with less information available about traditional therapy or medication management.
  • Cost Unclear: There’s no mention of pricing or accepted insurances upfront on their website, which can be a barrier for potential patients.
  • Potential Side Effects: Ketamine can cause side effects, and some people might be apprehensive about this treatment option.
  • Limited Independent Reviews: Finding a large number of independent client reviews on platforms other than their website can be difficult.
  • Not a Cure-All: Ketamine treatment might not be suitable for everyone’s needs or medical history and may not be a permanent solution.

Remember, this is based on publicly available information. Contacting them directly is best to get the most up-to-date details to determine if this treatment is right for you.

What’s the Clinic Like?

The health center is led by Dr. Charles and Dr. Vafa. The two highly-trained specialists have over three decades of experience. Dr. Charles and Dr. Vafa aim to help as many people as they can overcome their conditions to regain control over their health and their lives.

The Midwest Institute for Hearts and Minds has administered over 1,500 infusions with an 85 percent success rate.

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