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Mindbloom provides ketamine therapy to people battling chronic health disorders. Their main mission is to help heal those with various disorders and expand every person’s own potential. With up-and-coming psychedelic therapies involved in new clinical trials, the staff at the clinic hope to be a part of the new age of healthcare.

Not only does the staff at Mindbloom believe in the power of ketamine, but they are also aiming to reduce the overall cost of treatments by 65 percent. This helps more people access life-changing medication therapy.

The clinic is led by Dr. Leonardo Vando, who serves as Mindbloom’s Medical Director. He is a board-certified Psychiatrist and Addiction Psychiatrist.

Dr. Vando and his experienced team look forward to a future in which psychedelics help people with treatment-resistant and debilitating conditions regain a new lease on life.

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