Myco Meditations Blue Marlin Comfort – Jamaica Psilocybin Retreats

Blue Marlin Villas, Great Bay, Jamaica

Psilocybin mushrooms were first introduced to North America over 70 years ago. Only now are researchers taking seriously their healing potential. The Myco Meditations Comfort Blue Marlin retreat offers this powerful experience while nestled in the lap of luxury. Close to “one of the most beautiful beaches” in Jamaica, participants can explore and grow while surrounded by “maximum comfort”.

The onsite therapy team at Myco Meditations Comfort Blue Marlin retreat is led by Denise Rue. Ms. Rue is a licensed social worker and hypnotherapist, and brings a sense of privilege and responsibility to her practice.

Working with psilocybin mushrooms is often a profound experience, and Ms. Rue and her team are ready to help you through safely and productively.

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