Numinus Montreal – Montreal, Canada Ketamine Clinics

393 Laurier West Montreal H2V 2K3 QC
Numinus Montreal in Montreal, Canada logo

Numinus Montreal is one of three Quebec locations of the ketamine clinic. The knowledgeable staff at the health center offers ketamine therapy services to people battling chronic and treatment-resistant mood disorders. Conditions such as depression and anxiety are notoriously difficult to treat in many people. Because of that, many health centers are utilizing ketamine therapy to bridge the gap between effective and long-term relief from the symptoms of mood disorders in people resistant to traditional medicine.

Alongside ketamine therapy services, Numinus Montreal also offers group ketamine-assisted therapy services. Their group services aim to provide a support system for those undergoing ketamine therapy in a way that fosters feelings of community and inclusion. By offering ketamine, the clinic can help more people overcome their mood disorders once and for all.


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