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Note: This clinic is no longer open. Click here to find other ketamine clinics near you.

Testimonial from a Pasithea Clinics Patient

The treatment has improved my quality of life. Can’t thank Pasithea clinics enough. They have helped me more than words can express. I now don’t have to go day after day being depressed. There is hope.

Sarah G.

A Little Background on Pasithea

Pasithea Clinics was founded by Dr. Lawrence Steinman, the endowed chair of Neurology at Stanford University and Dr. Tiago Marques a psychiatrist and leading psychiatric researcher for King’s and Imperial college in London. These two world renowned doctors and scientists set out to tackle today’s global mental health epidemic. They opened state of the art health care services around the globe. Which leverage evidence based treatment as well as live data to offer the most effective and innovative treatments available.

Pasithea Clinics’ IV Ketamine treatments are provided by a two person team of medical practitioners directly to patients in the comfort of their home. Patients first need to undergo a tele-health psychiatric consultation. This will go over their medical history. As well as past and present medication and undergo a psychiatric evaluation in order to assess their eligibility for the treatment.

How Will They Provide Ketamine Treatment in Your Home

Once our board certified psychiatrist approves our patients they will then be able to schedule their IV ketamine treatment to conveniently fit around their needs. Once the time has come for treatment our team of one anesthesiologist and a nurse will arrive in a timely manner to your chosen location with all the equipment and medications necessary for a safe and effective treatment. After your treatment is administered our team of doctors and clinicians will still just be a call or text away to give you ongoing support and answer any questions that may arise.

At Pasithea, we understand how debilitating mental health conditions can be, and access is not always easily available or convenient. That’s why our team of best in class practitioners come straight to you and provide you the relief you need to heal.     

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