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ReYou Ketamine Treatments in Howell, New Jersey.

People struggling to overcome the symptoms of treatment-resistant disorders can find relief with ketamine therapy at ReYou Ketamine Treatments. The ketamine clinic provides infusions to people battling disorders that do not respond to traditional medicine. Mood disorders, such as depression and PTSD, are notoriously difficult to treat. By utilizing cutting-edge ketamine therapy, people with these disorders can finally experience relief from their debilitating symptoms.

ReYou Ketamine Treatments is led by Dr. Solomon Morgenstern. Dr. Morgenstern and the compassionate team at the clinic take pride in offering breakthrough medical interventions for people that have tried everything else to no avail. Their main goal is to provide healing for people who lost all hope for relief from their chronic disorders.

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I took my adult son to ReYou in late August 2022. He was struggling with such severe anxiety that he was throwing up. He had an infusion and had a rather strong reaction to the ketamine. I was happy to see that ReYou provides an “integration specialist” who spent time with my son during his infusion and discussed what he was experiencing. I met both the anesthesiologist and the integration specialist and they were down-to-earth, direct, and caring. My son has been struggling since January 2021 and compared to the many things we’ve tried, ketamine has had the most positive impact. He was convinced things were hopeless and I had to really push to get him to try ketamine. If you are struggling, or your child is struggling, it is really hard to avoid dark thoughts. But please try ketamine if you’re able to afford it. I have my son back. I am very thankful.

— E. R.

I am very thankful to have found ReYou. Dr. Schwinder is caring, knowledgeable, and spent time listening to my history. The integration staff did such a good job helping me prepare for the experience and helped me gather my thoughts after. They really made me feel safe and able to let go.

I read about ketamine a lot before getting the treatment and was worried that I would be let down. While it’s hard to explain, after only two sessions my mind somehow seems clearer. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone looking to improve their quality of life.

— Y. H.

I had a wonderful and warm experience from start to finish at ReYou. The staff were all very caring, sensitive and knowledgeable. The doctor made me feel comfortable and safe. I was given the time to ask any questions or concerns. I was very impressed with the overall experience. HIGHLY recommend. I feel like the ketamine treatment really helped with my depression and anxiety and especially helped with a lot of grief I was holding inside after loosing my brother and best friend. I feel stronger than I been in many years. And one step closer to healing. I feel like the ketamine treatment helped open my brain in many ways and lighten the emotional load of my past that I was carrying so heavily it made me physically sick. I feel I could focus on the present better now.

I feel like it helped me to connect to myself to know myself better. I also have been living with chronic pain in all my body for many years now and I do feel the k helped me a lot with that too, thank God, because a lot of that was psychosomatic. And I’m one of those that at first I was very skeptical that k treatment could help me but was desperate at the time to give anything a try and I’m grateful I did.

— B.J.

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