Chris Illuminati is an author, podcast host, runner, and father. He is the author of five books and my writing has appeared on a variety of sources and in front of millions of people, including, Rolling Stone, The Manual, Fatherly, AskMen, Men’s Health, Cosmo, and Maxim. And yes, that's his real last name.

Chris's Posts

Psychedelic Therapy Treatments Could Be Approved “Within Next Two Years” According To New Federal Letter

A big change to psychedelic therapy treatments could be coming thanks to the Biden administration.

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New 988 Suicide & Mental Health Crisis Hotline Launches In United States

As the mental health crisis continues, a new 988 suicide hotline offers support to those struggling.

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The Best Ketamine Clinics In Colorado

Colorado is a progressive state regarding alternative drugs as a treatment for mental and physical issues. In 2012, voters passed

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