Daniel Smith is an Inside Analyst who currently resides in Miami, Florida. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Daniel spent the last four years as a PhD candidate in Politics and International Studies at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. He is fascinated by tech, business, politics, venture capital, and everything in between. When he’s not writing for Inside he can be found kicking a ball on the nearest rugby pitch.

Dan's Posts

Psychedelics and Meditation Improve Leadership, People Believe

How do psychedelics affect leadership? In a new study, 71% of respondents said psychedelics and mindfulness had a positive impact.

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Divinity for the Non-religious: How Shroom Churches Offer Meaning

Church pews are emptying. Yet a growing trend, churches, offer a supposedly legal way to use shrooms, and give meaning

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What Will the Ketamine Clinic of the Future Look Like?

An extraordinary medicine deserves extraordinary surroundings. Will future ketamine clinics be as inspiring as ketamine itself? Clinics are already making

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Kanna: The Legal, Natural ‘Heart Opener’ Similar to MDMA

You may have heard of a new psychoactive (but not psychedelic) substance called kanna. Some people are using it to

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