Ed is a journalist, writer and MSc Psychology student who has been focusing on harm reduction and critical research around psychedelic drugs, and helped to grow a nonprofit called the Perception Restoration Foundation. He's worked for the influential alternative media firm Rebel Wisdom, and has freelanced for a range of international publications.

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Interested in the Ketamine Industry? We’ve Created the First Newsletter For You

Introducing Ketamine Insights Weekly, a new newsletter created specifically for the ketamine clinic and therapy industry.

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What To Expect: These are the Most Common Types of Ketamine Treatments

Ketamine is growing in popularity as a treatment for depression, bipolar, chronic pain, and other maladies. Ketamine can also be

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Are Psychedelic Diagnoses Freeing Us? Or Caging Us?

A podcast with Gabor Maté convinced me I have ADHD. As I learned more, my symptoms worsened. And I wondered:

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