Lauren M. Wilson is a five-time published author, freelance writer and editor. She has built a career on investigating cultural niches and her latest works, including three books, have focused on advancing the mainstream conversation on cannabis through education. She is currently diving into the psychedelic renaissance and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Lauren M.'s Posts

Do Shrooms Show Up On A Drug Test? Here’s a Complete Breakdown

Do shrooms show up on a drug test? This guide explains the various ways that psilocybin mushrooms are tested.

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What Does MDMA Do To Your Brain

What does MDMA do to your brain? This guide explains the experience, as well as discusses side effects.

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Author Beth Bell’s Spiritual Experience With Psychedelics

Beth Bell went from saying "just say no" to psychedelics to an advocate for their healing powers.

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Mescaline: Definition, Cacti, Effects & More

Mescaline's healing powers are well-documented by Indigenous communities. This guide explains the psychedelic's uses and effects.

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What Is Molly (MDMA) Powder?

Molly (MDMA) Powder is an illicit drug on the street, but some are finding it useful for psychedelic therapy.

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Champagne & MDMA? Multiple Recalls After Spiked Bottles Of Moët Found

Champagne and MDMA? Multiple Moët bottles recalled after traces of psychedelic found.

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rTMS vs. dTMS Therapy – Here are the Key Differences

Comparing rTMS vs. dTMS therapy? This guide explains differences between the two treatments.

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Ketamine Experiences: What Happens If It Doesn’t Work?

This ketamine experience follows Devin, who describes how he used the psychedelic therapy for suicidal thoughts.

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