Zeus Tipado is a PhD student at Maastricht University focusing on the neuroscience of psychedelics. He’s the creator of Stonedgamer and his work has appeared in Doubleblind Magazine, Psychedelics Today, Healing Maps, and Psychedelic Support. You can reach him on Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch.

Zeus's Posts

Dark Energy, Entropy, And Psychedelics In The Brain

As science tries to understand why the brain has dark energy, psychedelics may offer answers.

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fNIRS: What Is It, And What Does It Have To Do With Psychedelics?

After a pilot study about fNIRS, researchers foresee it playing an "important role" in investigating the effects of psychedelics.

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What Causes Visuals In Psychedelic Trips?

We explore what causes visuals in psychedelic trips — and it may surprise you.

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The Conundrum Of Microdosing

Many people swear by microdosing, but it does have its issues.

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I Read Every Neuroscience Study On Psychedelics Published Since 2017. Here’s What I Learned

After reading every neuroscience study on psychedelics since 2017, here's what Zeus Tipado learned.

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The Neuroanatomy Of A Psychedelic Trip: Brain Networks

During a psychedelic trip, these are the brain functions most impacted.

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The Neuroanatomy of a Psychedelic Trip: The Basics

What happens in your brain during a psychedelic trip?

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