California Bill Aims to Clear Logjam for Psychedelic Treatment Research

California Bill Aims to Clear Logjam for Psychedelic Treatment Research

California lawmakers are on the brink of resolving a significant bottleneck that has hindered numerous studies related to addiction treatment, psychedelics, and other federally restricted drugs. The Research Advisory Panel of California, responsible for vetting studies involving cannabis, hallucinogens, and treatments for controlled substance abuse, has been a pivotal obstacle for researchers in California.

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The panel’s operations came to a halt due to concerns regarding compliance with the Bagley-Keene Act, a state law mandating open meetings. This hiatus has led to a backlog of 42 new studies and 28 amendments awaiting approval, causing frustration among researchers like Ziva Cooper from the UCLA Center for Cannabis and Cannabinoids.

Lots of Frustrations

Cooper, who submitted studies on cannabis health risks for different age groups and the potential of cannabis and psilocybin for pain relief and addiction treatment, has been at a standstill due to the panel’s inactivity. The impasse not only affects ongoing research but also jeopardizes future studies and funding, prompting concerns about losing talented researchers to other states.

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Assembly Bill 2841, proposed by Assemblymember Marie Waldron, offers a solution to reactivate stalled research by allowing closed sessions for sensitive studies. While supported by organizations like Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions, some researchers advocate for abolishing the panel altogether, citing delays, unnecessary expenditures, and missed opportunities for Californians to participate in cutting-edge trials.

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The bill’s impact on addiction research, the need for streamlining approval processes, and the debate over the panel’s efficacy underscore the urgency of addressing the research impasse in California. As the state navigates the complexities of drug research regulation, the outcome of AB 2841 holds the key to unlocking the potential of groundbreaking studies in addiction treatment and psychedelics.

For more details, check out the LA Times.

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