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Beckley Retreats in the Netherlands offers transformational change through the ceremonial use of psilocybin, holistic wellbeing modalities and meditation practices.

For over 25 years, The Beckley Foundation has been researching the healing potential of psychedelics, instilling a belief that personal transformations clears the way for evolution. The psilocybin retreat in the Netherlands is one way in which the spiritual practice can awaken the lives of attendees.

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Although Beckley Retreats in the Netherlands has a number of psilocybin retreats throughout the year, their website offers details about programs. In addition to the Netherlands, Beckley runs retreats in Jamaica as well.

Prior to participants attending a psilocybin retreats, they are given a strict pre-retreat program to follow, along with guidelines during their immersion. This increases safety and helps with the overall experience.

What to Expect At The Beckley Retreats

Each of Beckley Retreats’ in the Netherlands incorporate two, 6-hour psilocybin ceremonies. The belief is that, by sitting together, anecdotal evidence suggests it has often been perceived to improve well-being.

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  • dani selene terrile
    March 17, 2023 at 12:07 pm

    dear Beckley retreat team

    i would like to receive more info on your retreats where psilocybin can be tested
    can u please send your program to me?
    thank u

    warm regards

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