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Beckley Retreats – Jamaica Psilocybin Retreats

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Beckley Retreats in Jamaica offers transformational change through the ceremonial use of psilocybin, holistic wellbeing modalities and meditation practices. With over 25 years worth of researching the healing potential of psychedelics, the psilocybin retreat in Jamaica offers a spiritual awakening for those in attendance.

Beckley Retreats in Jamaica has a number of psilocybin retreats throughout the year, with their website offering more details about programs. In addition to the Jamaica retreats, Beckley runs a retreat in the Netherlands as well.

Prior to participants attending a psilocybin retreats, they are given a strict pre-retreat program to follow for four weeks, along with guidelines during their immersion — six days while attending a week-long retreat, as well as a six-week post-retreat integration. This increases safety and helps with the overall experience.

With a world-class team of practitioners that boast decades of combined experience creating safe and transformational healing spaces with psychedelics, the Beckley Retreats offers first-class healing options.

What to Expect At The Beckley Retreats

The Beckley Retreat in Jamaica occupies the entire Good Hope campus during a psilocybin retreat. This ensures a peaceful and distraction-free experience. Additionally, a minimum of one facilitator is assigned for every four participants, allowing attendees to focus on their wellbeing during each ceremony.

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