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The doctors at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center now offer ketamine therapy to those suffering from difficult to manage depression. Columbia Psychiatry offers nasal ketamine spray treatments at their conveniently-located midtown offices.

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Ketamine has long been on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medications due to its safe and effective use as an anesthetic, and more recent research has shown it to also be a useful medication in treating difficult-to-manage psychiatric and chronic pain conditions.

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Columbia Psychiatry Ketamine treatments offer a research-driven alternative to conventional oral medications and their potential side-effects.

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Recent randomized trials have shown that ketamine provides significant relief to those suffering from treatment-resistant conditions. Some patients experience relief of symptoms after only one treatment. If no significant positive outcomes are seen after 2 treatments, it is likely that ketamine is not a suitable option. Those over the age of 18 who have found little or no change in their condition through conventional means will find an effective alternative in Columbia Psychiatry ketamine treatments. It can be extremely difficult to live with treatment-resistant depression. Columbia Psychiatry provides ketamine therapy treatments in a safe and convenient location to suit the needs of their patients.

Offered Treatments

  • Esketamine nasal spray
  • IV ketamine infusion therapy (currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic)

Treated Conditions

  • Moderate to severe depression

Important Info

  • Free consultations are available.
  • Intranasal Ketamine: The total treatment cost (see pricing information below) does not include the cost of the drug itself. Your insurance may cover this or you may need prior authorization, which Columbia Psychiatry’s team can help coordinate. 
  • IV Ketamine: As the FDA has not approved the use of IV ketamine for treatment-resistant depression, insurance will likely not cover the costs of treatment. However, staff can provide a superbill that you may submit to your insurance carrier for consideration of reimbursement.

Your Treatment: What to Expect

A free phone consultation begins the process of determining whether or not ketamine is the correct treatment for each individual. Subsequently, a comprehensive psychiatric and physical evaluation takes place at the clinic. This helps to determine the length and dosage for treatments. After the initial infusion, treatments are scheduled twice a week for 2 weeks with follow-up visits scheduled thereafter. A typical case would be 8-12 treatments over 4-6 weeks.

Who is this treatment for?

Columbia Psychiatry recommends ketamine treatments for adults 18 and over who have had little or no success in treating their symptoms with conventional medications or therapies. Ketamine has been laboratory-tested and has been shown to produce significant positive changes in individuals suffering from treatment-resistant conditions. Used in conjunction with mainstream therapies, Columbia Psychiatry’s ketamine treatments offer relief of negatively-impacting symptoms.

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