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People suffering from treatment-resistant mood disorders and migraines can find relief from their debilitating symptoms at the New Pathways Clinic. The healthcare providers offer ketamine infusion therapy for patients that have not found recovery through traditional forms of medicine.

Ketamine therapy has been proven to help as many as 75 percent of patients heal from depression and other chronic disorders where other medications have failed.

Here’s What People Like About New Pathways Clinic in Middleburg Heights, Ohio:

  • Focus on Ketamine Therapy: People seem to appreciate their focus on ketamine infusions as a treatment option for various mental health conditions.
  • Variety of Treatment Options: Clients might value that they offer both ketamine infusions and Spravato nasal spray for treatment.
  • Experienced Medical Team: Positive aspects mentioned include their team of experienced medical professionals.
  • Positive Online Reviews: Reviews on third-party websites highlight successful experiences with ketamine treatment. It’s important to note these might not be entirely representative.
  • Convenient Location: Their location in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, might be convenient for residents in the Cleveland area.

Here’s What People Don’t Like About New Pathways Clinic in Middleburg Heights, Ohio:

  • Limited Online Reviews: Finding a large number of independent reviews specifically about the Middleburg Heights location can be difficult.
  • Unclear Cost and Insurance Coverage: There’s no information about pricing or accepted insurances upfront on their website. This lack of transparency can be a drawback.
  • Focus on Alternative Therapies: While they offer some therapy options, their website highlights ketamine infusions, which might not be for everyone.
  • Limited Therapist Information: Details regarding the qualifications and experience of specific therapists are not readily available online.
  • Lack of Traditional Therapy Details: Information on whether they offer traditional talk therapy is unclear from their website.

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So, What is the Clinic Like?

The New Pathways Clinic is led by Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Kelly Liu and Nurse Practitioner Nora Finnegan. Theirhighly-skilled and compassionate team aim to put their patients’ needs first. They believe that there is a mental health epidemic going on and new tools need to be implemented to help those who are suffering.

By utilizing ketamine therapy, the staff at the healing center can help people with treatment-resistant disorders regain control over their health.

Offered Treatments

  • IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy
  • Spravato (Esketamine Nasal Spray)

Treated Conditions

  • Treatment-Resistant Depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Substance abuse
  • Migraines

Important Info

  • New Pathways Clinic’s Nurse Practitioner Nora Finnegan has an extensive history in dealing with insurance companies for ketamine infusions, and the clinic can help maximize your coverage for the treatments. All you have to do is provide your health insurance card and the staff will do the rest.
    • Per New Pathways Clinic, most patients will be fully or partially covered.
    • That said, insurance coverage of ketamine Infusions varies from patient to patient even if they have the same health insurance plan. Because ketamine is not an FDA approved treatment for mental health, the clinic cannot guarantee that you will be covered.
    • The clinic requires upfront payment for what insurance will not cover. HSA/FSA cards, credit cards, debit cards, money orders, or patient financing with Advanced Care are all acceptable forms of payment.
  • Free consultations are available.
  • Veterans, first responders, and vulnerable populations are eligible for a discount.
  • If you pre-pay for your infusion treatment plan in full, New Pathways Clinic waives its $150 fee for pre-treatment health assessment.

Your Treatment: What to Expect at New Pathways Clinic

Before recommending ketamine treatments, an expert team member at New Pathways Clinic will conduct a mental and physical health assessment. If you are approved to start ketamine treatments, the clinic pledges to always schedule them within a week.

Ketamine treatments are performed in a patient’s own personal treatment room. Your vitals will be monitored before and throughout the treatment for your safety. Per New Pathways Clinic, Nora Finnegan has not witnessed a medically serious side effect in over 1,000 treatments.

When you are ready, a nurse will start the IV. Ketamine is given through an IV over a precisely scheduled time of 40-60 minutes, which varies by dose.

With Spravato, you will be shown how to self-administer Spravato with the nasal spray application.

This allows the nurse to have complete control over the experience and to enhance the cognitive effects of the treatment. It can be stopped at any time upon request.

When the Ketamine infusion is completed, you will be given around 30 minutes to relax and re-orientate yourself from the experience.

With Spravato, you will remain under observation for two hours after the nasal application.

When you are ready and it is safe for you to leave, New Pathways Clinic will discharge you to be driven home by your treatment companion.

New Pathways Clinic offers two and three-week treatment plans, each consisting of six infusions. Additionally, the clinic offers customized booster infusion plans based on patient response, ranging from every month to once a year.

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