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People battling the debilitating symptoms of chronic mood disorders can find relief from their afflictions at Perma Mental Health Boise. The mental health center provides ketamine therapy as a way to address mood disorders that cannot be treated using traditional medicine. Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy is also available at the clinic to help further the progress of healing from disorders such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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What Patients are Saying about PERMA Mental Health in Boise, ID:

What they liked about their experience: 
1. Capable Providers: Several reviewers praised the expertise and understanding of some of the clinic’s providers, such as Tyson Flower and Jon. They felt listened to and understood by them.

2. Welcoming Staff: The front desk staff and other clinic personnel are often described as sweet, helpful, friendly, and welcoming.

3. Variety of Treatment Options: At least one reviewer appreciated the variety of treatment options the clinic offers, which allowed for tailored care.

4. Effective Care: Some patients reported positive changes and progress in their mental health after seeking treatment at the clinic.

5. Positive History with the Clinic: A few reviewers mentioned long-standing relationships with the clinic or specific providers, with satisfactory experiences.

What they didn’t like about their experience: 
1. Billing and Administrative Issues: There were frequent complaints about billing mistakes, late invoices, and general administrative oversights.

2. Communication Barriers: Many reviewers expressed frustration with being unable to directly contact the office, with messages going unanswered or having to deal with a third-party calling service.

3. Provider Availability: Some patients felt abandoned or were left without care when their provider left the clinic. There was also dissatisfaction with how these transitions were handled and communicated.

4. Concerns about Clinic Growth: Several reviews indicated that the clinic might be growing too fast, leading to diminished patient care, increased wait times, and more administrative mistakes.

5. Ethical Concerns: There were claims about the clinic profiting from vulnerable populations and about Dr. Wills’ potential conflict of interest with promoting his book and merchandise to patients. One reviewer also mentioned allegations against Dr. Wills online.

6. Misdiagnosis: At least one reviewer felt they had been misdiagnosed and put on unnecessary medications without proper identification of their actual condition.

7. Lack of Follow-Up: Patients reported a lack of follow-up or inconsistency in communication after sessions or treatments.

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Perma Mental Health Boise is led by a dedicated and expert medical staff. Each member of the team brings their own passion to the practice and in doing so, helps provide the best possible care for each patient. By utilizing innovative therapies alongside proven modalities, the team at the mental health center can offer patients a brighter future.

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