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People suffering from debilitating chronic mood disorders can find relief from their debilitating symptoms at Perma Mental Health Twin Falls. The mental health wellness center offers ketamine infusion services as well as ketamine-assisted psychotherapy to help patients heal from afflictions such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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What Patients are Saying about PERMA Mental Health in Twin Falls, ID:

What they liked about their experience: 
1. Skilled Providers: Several patients praised specific providers such as Julie Akins and Craig Hope for their expertise, thoroughness, listening skills, and their approach to medication management.

2. Caring and Compassionate Staff: Many reviews highlighted the kindness, understanding, and compassion shown by the staff and practitioners.

3. Positive Outcomes: Several patients shared their improved mental well-being, expressing gratitude for the transformative care they received.

4. Educational Approach: Patients appreciated when providers explained how medications work and provided insights into their treatments.

What they didn’t like about their experience: 
1. Medication Management Concerns: There were significant concerns about how some providers, specifically Dr. Hope, managed medication changes without thorough communication or considering potential risks.

2. Appointment Policies: Some patients were frustrated with how missed appointments were handled, feeling penalized for missing sessions due to mental/emotional issues without being asked about the reasons for their absence.

3. Communication Barriers: Reviewers expressed frustration with not being able to get timely feedback or resolution from the clinic when problems arose.

4. Billing and Administrative Issues: One reviewer had concerns about potential kickbacks related to medication prescriptions. Another expressed frustrations about being charged for services they didn’t expect to be billed for.

5. Changes in Quality: Some long-term patients noticed a decline in service quality over time, associating this with the clinic’s growth or other internal changes.

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By offering their expertise in the field alongside ketamine therapy, the team at the clinic can provide patients with a brighter future one infusion at a time.

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