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People suffering from various chronic health disorders can find relief through ketamine and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy at Revitalist Chattanooga. The health and wellness center offers ketamine therapy as part of a well-rounded approach to healthcare.

People with depression, alcohol use disorder, and other conditions such as chronic pain often spend their lives trying to find a treatment that works. Ketamine can help people with these treatment-resistant disorders in a way that traditional medicine sometimes cannot. 

Lead therapist Dr. Chris Harris believes in integrative whole-person care. There is no one approach to healing, but many, and Dr. Harris and the rest of the skilled and compassionate team at Revitalist Chattanooga do whatever they can to create treatment plans that match the individual.

The clinics doesn’t only focus on symptoms, but causes as well. By doing so, they can get to the root of an issue which provides a better chance at healing.

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