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Transform Your Mental Health with the Ultimate Rebirth at Our Exclusive Psilocybin Retreat 🍄✨

Dear Seeker of Serenity,

Suppose you’re trapped in the relentless gray of unresolved mental battles, where traditional treatments have done little but offer fleeting glimpses of relief. In that case, this message isn’t just a call – it’s a gateway to your awakening. Imagine a reality where lasting happiness, profound self-awareness, and deep inner peace are not just possible but are waiting for you.

Unveil a New You: All-Inclusive Luxury Psilocybin Retreats

This isn’t just another wellness trip. It’s a ‘Rebirth’ into your essence with the #1 psilocybin mushroom therapy retreat in Mexico, meticulously designed for those who’ve seen the traditional approaches fail. We have distilled the essence of transformation into a potent experience that promises not just to change but to revolutionize your sense of being.

Why is this different?

Our retreat breaks the mold with its unique approach – combining the ancient wisdom of psilocybin treatment with 11 holistic wellness services delivered in a luxurious, all-encompassing package that caters to every dimension of your being.

What’s in it for you?

For the value we’re offering, others would charge tenfold – but we want this to be an accessible luxury. Our new 1-Day Traditional Shamanic Ceremony is only $1,500, and our 3 Days To Discover Yourself Experience is only $2,500.

We also have luxury all-inclusive retreats starting at $4,997; you don’t just attend a retreat; you are enveloped in an experience where every detail, from private accommodations and soothing sailing to gourmet anti-inflammatory meals, is done for you. And with a support system that’s a mere call or message away, 24/7, you’re always embraced by care.

Our story is one of countless transformations (10,700+ Alumni), with testimonials that speak of rebirths. Where despair once laid roots now stand pillars of clarity and peace.

What’s been holding you back?

Past failures are not yours to shoulder alone. The mainstream health avenues have long overlooked what we address with pinpoint precision – the root of mental unrest, which we approach with a gentle yet powerful touch of nature’s own remedy.

With only 8 spots per retreat, delay isn’t an option. The longer you wait, the longer you remain in the shadows of uncertainty. We’re here to give you the love and intimate, personalized attention your rebirth needs.

We are not just facilitators; we are guardians of your journey. With an expert team that’s walked the path from darkness to light, we don’t just preach – we guide you with the very steps we’ve taken.

How does it work?

Our retreat is a symphony of carefully curated components that engage with your being on every level, ensuring that the rejuvenation isn’t just deep but also lasting.

It’s simple. You make the decision. We’re not here to convince; we’re here to offer a choice. A choice to step into the light or remain in the stasis of before.

What do you have to lose?

If, after our retreat and the four weeks of included remote support, you don’t feel the mental clarity you yearned for, we extend this support at no additional cost. Because it’s not about the retreat; it’s about your life transformed.

Your New Path Awaits:

  1. Say YES to the new you and immerse yourself in an experience that’s crafted for your profound rebirth.
  2. Choose Self-Love with our comprehensive aftercare and remote support because your journey doesn’t end with the retreat.
  3. Embrace Freedom, knowing you’ve chosen the most effortless path to healing with our ‘Done For You’ system.

And remember, for every moment you hesitate, a spot is potentially being filled. Let your next action define your trajectory towards a life painted with the vibrant colors of inner peace and joy.

Ready to embark on this journey? We’re here to welcome you home.

Warm regards,

Sayulita Wellness Retreat

P.S. Act now, and your journey to renewal will be enriched with exclusive bonuses: a FREE medicine and microdosing Guide, a Preparation Course, Integration Support, a Meditation Course, and a one-hour Business Consultation – because your growth extends beyond the personal.

(Only 8 Spots Available per Retreat – Secure Yours Now!)

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Testimonials from Sayulita Wellness Mushroom Retreat Patients

Before taking the program things were pretty bad, like one of the lowest points in my life, as a successful as I’ve been in business, my mental health was gone. I was not having energy, having headaches all the time, having a hard time managing my stress and emotions.

After the experience I have a lot more peace and calm in my personal life and just feel happier overall. The program primes you to understand yourself and make better decisions based off your core values.

It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. It’s kept me stabilized, focused and clear on my goals in life.

If you’re considering it I would say just go ahead and invest in yourself now.

Steve B, Entrepreneur

First off I have to say I’m a natural skeptic…but I’ve kind of thrown the kitchen sink at my mental health…therapy, meds, disassociation, alcohol. I was at a point where I had done everything I could think to do. I believe this is the point when you should try plant medicine.

The onboarding was great..everyone felt really warm and supportive. I’m always kind of worried I won’t fit in.

We had a lot of opportunities to learn about the medicine and unpacked a lot with the guides before the ceremony. I honestly think I got just as much from the 1-1 and group training as I did with the medicine. The mushrooms were pretty eye opening…I saw my path laid in front of me, confronted relationships with my family and relationships from my past. Some of it was difficult but I felt really connected to myself so it just kind of melted. After the mushroom the Bufu took me to the next level. I honestly wasn’t expecting much from it.. I was there mainly for the mushroom ceremony, but Jesus Christ…I have never felt so alive..I experienced what I would call a transcendent awakening..where I saw the pieces of myself come back together. It was really special. I feel forever grateful for the practitioners for holding a safe and supportive space. They were really easy to talk to and accessible when I needed them. Overall, my mental health is at one of the best places it’s been and I thank Sayulita Wellness Retreat for this. 5/5 stars…I will be back.

Jolie S, Dentist

I came to get help with a few mental health things that I honestly just haven’t figured out how to shake. I’m normally a smart and charismatic guy but these last few years have just seemed like a rut. I know my performance at work is just par and I’m not achieving what I really could.. I had kind of a shitty breakup 6 months back and still dealing with that hasn’t helped.

I’m not a fan of pharmaceuticals so I was naturally drawn to plant medicine. I chose these guys because a friend referred me and I was not disappointed. Honestly I wish I would have done this sooner. There’s a reason they call them “magic mushrooms.” I felt like a kid again. I knew I had some healing to do, I had kind of a rough childhood. But confronting these things was SO much easier with support and a process to peel back the layers to see through the darkness at who I am.. Now I get to start building…that reality brings tears to my eyes..because I didn’t know if I was going to see the light again (does everyone think this?)

I’m going back next year and plan on getting more from this sacred plant…

Oh and btw the support after the retreat was top notch, navigating “normal” life was much easier with the team keeping me on track. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Frank C, Tech Analyst
Sayulita Wellness Mushroom Retreat 1-day ceremony includes: 30-day preparation course, airport pick up and drop off, yoga, chef-prepared meals, double occupancy room for 1 night, group psilocybin ceremony, meditation, video therapy, and more.
Sayulita Wellness Mushroom Retreat 3-day ceremony includes: 30-day preparation course, airport pick up and drop off, yoga, chef-prepared meals, double occupancy room, two group psilocybin ceremonies, meditation, video therapy, and more.
Sayulita Wellness Mushroom Retreat, what's included: Psilocybin, DMT, MDMA, luxury oceanfront accommodations, private chef, pool, private beach, full medical exams, sound therapy, massage, remote after care, and more. Starting at $4,997 USD.
Sayulita Wellness Mushroom Retreat pricing and services:
$500 - Telehealth & Medicine (Psilocybin)
$1,000 - Extended Remote Support
$1,500 - 1-day psilocybin experience
$2,500 - 3-day psilocybin experience
$4,997 - 4-day all inclusive psilocybin retreat
$6,997 - 4-day all inclusive couples group MDMA retreat
$7,997 - 7-day all inclusive psilocybin retreat
$7,997 - 5-day ibogaine retreat
$8,997 - 7-day couples all inclusive group retreat
$9,997 - 4-day couples all inclusive private MDMA retreat
$11,997 - 7-day ibogaine retreat
$14,997 - 7-day couples all-inclusive private MDMA retreat
$14,997 - 7-day all-inclusive platinum psilocybin retreat

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Reviews (4)

5.0 out of 5.0
Service 5.0
Value for Money 5.0
Location 5.0
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Lynn Fox
    October 25, 2022 at 7:37 pm

    I am looking for the right mushroom retreat and would like to have a few questions answered. Thank you

    Helpful Review 3
  • Scott
    October 17, 2022 at 11:48 am

    Man where do I start. I’ve tried a few plant medicines on my own and think I made progress but never really had the breakthrough I was looking for.

    There’s something about having a whole team of what seemed like skilled staff and doctors to guide. It’s crazy some of the experience they have. I honestly didn’t think I’d get answers to some of my questions but they were on top of everything. If I needed something they were there to support me.

    As far as I could tell they took all the precautions for safety. I was able to just fully relax and let go. My experience was like a rebirth. I suffered a lot from PTSD and who knows what else that led to a pretty much perpetual anxiety. My intention was to find a sense of peace. It’s exactly what I found.

    My trip was out of this world. I took the warrior dose 3.5 + 1.5g and went to the moon. They were really easy to work with and gave me the right guidance each step. Which I feel like each experience is different so I don’t know how the hell they just know what to do…but I could feel they had my back the whole way.

    Everything was setup and well organized. I got to sleep in when I wanted and we had a ton of stuff to do that helped us unpack and realize what the medicine was there to teach us. Much love and mahalo to my fellow friends. Your kind hearts have helped opened mine.

    Helpful Review 5
  • Cathy
    September 23, 2022 at 5:25 pm

    Ok, this was a tough experience to put into words because I don’t think I have ever experienced what I’m feeling right now. I feel like I can fully take a deep breath in and truly let it out. A little back story, I haven’t been in my body for entire my adult life. I was raised on some pretty crappy values, with an abusive father and not many great role models. I’ve been pretty successful in my career but to be honest I haven’t been really sure in life what would make me happy so I never really found it.

    I spent decades in therapy which helped me re-organize my brain but I still needed to connect with myself and the retreat is what helped me with that. I now get that we are free when we feel. I was able to let go and finally process. I’ve got a family at home with 2 cats and they are about to see a version of me they haven’t seen before. Thank you mushrooms and bufo and the kind and sweet facilitators.. my heart is healed and renewed. I’m ready to get back to living my life and start doing the things I know I should be doing for myself, like traveling, I have a trip with the gals in November. Normally I back out of these things but now I’m ready.

    Great service, awesome fun times, perfect getaway, and I’m going to miss the food and my new friends

    Helpful Review 3
  • Francois Bernard
    August 3, 2022 at 9:06 pm

    Really grateful for Sayulita Wellness. My emotions, anxiety, and depression are gone… It’s hard to explain but my experience felt like a snake shedding his skin again and again until I was back at my core. The thoughts and emotions that were raised were from childhood and some family stuff that had been hard to deal with. But, I was able to understand what I needed and leave the past behind. Now I feel a renewed sense of myself again.

    The clarity I got from the mushrooms was like 100+ sessions of therapy. I can’t explain what happened but it was like a total body/mind shower. I’m going to reach out to a few key people in my life and reconnect. I feel like I can start some new projects that have been in the back of my mind and that now is the time to put my life into action.

    Im 58 and I have my health so I want to live the next phase of my life on purpose. This experience has opened me up to really see how that’s possible and that I’m truly ready. Cheers to the crew for their support and for being there at the right times and the right ways. Feeling truly blessed. Will see you again for phase 2!

    Helpful Review 1

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