The 5 Best Psychedelic Test Kits 

The 5 Best Psychedelic Test Kits 

Is that white powder in your hands MDMA? Or is it meth? Or fentanyl

Test before you ingest. Reliable psychedelic test kits can be your best ally.

While the testing process may seem daunting at first, most find it becomes straightforward with experience. Some even find it an interesting part of their psychedelic journey.

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As a seasoned explorer in the world of psychedelics, I’ve personally tried various test kits to validate my substances. I’m thrilled to share with you the top psychedelic test kits for 2023, along with links to purchase them. In no particular order:

1. Ehrlich Spot Test Kit – By Bunk Police

The Best Psychedelic Test Kits: Ehrlich Spot Test Kit

A widely used LSD testing kit that reacts with lysergic acid, helping to identify LSD and other indoles.

Graham Says: “Ehrlich’s reagent is my trusted tool when testing for LSD. It’s easy to use, accurate, and gives peace of mind.”


  • Detects LSD and other indoles
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a color chart for result interpretation


  • Doesn’t differentiate between different indoles

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2. Marquis Reagent Testing Kit | DanceSafe

The Best Psychedelic Test Kits: Marquis Spot Test Kit

A robust general psychedelic test kit screening test for a variety of substances, including MDMA, methamphetamine, 2-CB, and more.

Graham Says: “The Marquis reagent is my go-to for testing MDMA and 2C-B. The color change is noticeable and helps me rule out dangerous adulterants like PMA.”


  • Tests for a variety of substances
  • Reliable and accurate
  • Helps to identify harmful substances


  • Cannot differentiate between certain substances

3. Froehde Psychedelic Test Kit by Test Kit Plus

The Best Psychedelic Test Kits: Froehde Spot Test Kit

An essential test for detecting various substances including heroin, morphine, and other opioids, along with MDMA and magic mushrooms.

Graham Says: “The Froehde reagent is a versatile testing kit. I find it invaluable when testing for opioids, 2C-B, Mescaline, and other psychedelics.”


  • Broad-spectrum test
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for detecting fentanyl and its analogues


  • Requires a little more experience to interpret results

4. Mecke Reagent Psychedelic Test Kit by Elevation Chemicals

The Best Psychedelic Test Kits: Mecke Spot Test Kit

A comprehensive psychedelic test kit primarily used for the identification of heroin and other opiates, along with MDMA.

Graham Says: “The Mecke reagent offers reliable results. It’s a great test to start with if you find something you’re clueless about. It’s also great for testing MDMA and differentiating it from MDA.”


  • Tests for multiple substances
  • Reliable and accurate
  • Great when you have little information 
  • Differentiates between MDMA and MDA


  • Not as specific for some substances

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5. Simons Reagent by Dosetest 

The Best Psychedelic Test Kits: Simons Reagent Spot Test Kit

A two-part psychedelic test that provides an extra level of verification for MDMA and detects secondary amines like methamphetamine. The kit includes a Simon’s A and B reagent.

Graham Says: “The Simon’s Reagent Test Kit from Dose Test is a valuable tool for ensuring I’m getting what I expect. I particularly appreciate that it includes both the Simon’s A and B reagent, allowing for comprehensive testing. It’s been reliable for distinguishing MDMA from MDA and detecting the presence of amphetamines.”


  • Differentiates between MDMA and MDA
  • Detects secondary amines like methamphetamine
  • Comes with both Simon’s A and B reagent
  • Trusted and reliable


  • A bit more complex to use due to two-part testing procedure

And one more: Fentanyl Test Strips, from anywhere.

The Best Psychedelic Test Kits: Rapid Response Spot Test Kit

Fentanyl is sometimes mixed in with psychedelics–and it can kill you. Test your psychedelics for this powerful opioid. offers cheap and reliable test strips, and delivers them to your door. 

Take Precautions With Your Psychedelic Test Kits

Note that, while the use of reagent test kits significantly reduces the risk of consuming harmful or unwanted substances, they are not foolproof. Results can be influenced by factors such as the purity of the substance and the presence of multiple substances in a single sample. In the case of mixed substances, the reagent may react more noticeably to one substance over another, potentially leading to a false sense of security. Therefore, it’s essential to use these kits as one tool within a broader harm reduction approach.

Moreover, handling these reagents should be done with utmost care. They contain strong acids and can cause harm if mishandled. Always follow the provided instructions.

As someone who has extensively explored the world of psychedelics, I highly recommend incorporating these test kits into your practices. Remember, the goal is not just to have an enlightening experience, but to do so safely and responsibly.

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Graham Pilger is a passionate expert in the field of psychedelic medicine, business, and research, with over 4 years of experience. His diverse background spans from collaborating with laboratories to develop plant-based medicines and psychedelic compounds, to participating in psychiatric research projects. In addition to his professional expertise, Graham is an avid home mycologist who has cultivated an extensive understanding of various mushroom-growing techniques. His hands-on experience ranges from beginner methods to advanced cultivation practices.

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