Looking For Ketamine Therapy In Phoenix, Arizona? Here Are 3 Things You Need To Know

Looking For Ketamine Therapy In Phoenix, Arizona? Here Are 3 Things You Need To Know

Do you live in the Phoenix, Arizona area? Have you heard or read about the potential benefits of ketamine and want to talk to an experienced professional about treatment options? This article is a perfect starting point to get a few of the questions answered about ketamine therapy in Phoenix, Arizona.

Daytryp Health, which is headquartered in Bend, Oregon, also has a treatment center in Arizona that offers Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) — a well-known alternative to traditional means of treating mental health conditions. The clinic also participates in clinical trials using MDMA and psilocybin for depression and substance abuse addiction. DayTryp will soon be Arizona’s leading destination for all things mental health.

Our staff of mental health professionals at Daytryp Health have decades of experience in treating addiction and mental health issues, more recently discovering the power of psychedelic therapy for each.

Given the knowledge and purpose of our work, Daytrp has a simple mission: To support those who are dealing with chronic mental health challenges and are seeking change. By utilizing psychedelic therapy, we help clients find new avenues to treat these issues, allowing them to rediscover peace and happiness.

With ketamine treatment still relatively new for many people, our medical professionals still field a wide range of questions from hundreds of clients each month.

Here are the most frequent questions the staff hears from new clients at our Daytryp Health facility in Phoenix, Arizona. These inquiries and responses will prove beneficial to anyone considering psychedelic-assisted treatments.

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What Conditions Does Ketamine Therapy Help With? What If I Have Dietary Restrictions?  

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy can help with many medical conditions, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and more. Ketamine therapy may also be a good fit for individuals coping with childhood trauma, grief, and loss of life circumstances.

Daytryp provides ketamine therapy to people battling chronic health disorders. The ketamine offered at the clinic is combined with psychotherapy to help further progress positive results for each patient. 

What Happens At A Therapy Session, And What’s The Average Cost Of Ketamine Therapy In Phoenix, Arizona?

Ketamine infusion therapy approaches differ from clinic to clinic. The therapy session typically begins by checking the patient’s vitals, followed by a preliminary consultation with a psychiatrist, a registered nurse, and the therapist guiding them through the treatment. 

A KAP session typically takes about an hour, including administering the ketamine while listening to meditations or relaxing music. A therapist monitors all activities. 

No matter which facility you choose in the Phoenix, Arizona, area, therapists should always close by to assist patients in case of anxiety or fear and ensure no side effects during the sessions.

The average cost for ketamine therapy in Phoenix, Arizona, ranges from $300-$800 per session. 

How Many Sessions Are Involved With KAP Treatments? 

KAP may also differ in the number of sessions based on the patient’s response to the treatment and their specific wants and needs. On average, ketamine therapy is typically six sessions over several weeks and months. 

Do Ketamine Clinics In Phoenix, Arizona, Take Insurance?

If you’re wondering whether or not insurance covers ketamine therapy, the answer is — not yet. 

Daytryp Health does not accept health insurance. However, the clinic offers a wide range of services and competitive prices. And they will work with patients towards affordable treatment and a better future. 

In most cases, traditional health insurance does not cover ketamine treatments. This is because many insurers consider the use of ketamine for mood disorders and chronic pain as “off-label”. Meaning insurance companies will not cover these treatments. Insurance companies have maintained that ketamine treatments are “experimental.” And this is despite substantial research and clinical use by medical professionals demonstrating their efficacy.

Until ketamine therapy treatment becomes widespread, and enough people demand insurance companies provide coverage, ketamine therapy won’t be covered by medical insurance. It never hurts to reach out to your insurance provider. Always ask if your medical plan covers ketamine therapy.

We stated “not yet” as the answer because insurance companies may change their tune as psychedelic therapy treatments become a more viable recovery option for millions of Americans in the next few years. 

How To Choose The Right Ketamine Therapy Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona

Are you thinking of pursuing ketamine therapy? You will want to be able to tell whether a ketamine clinic is trustworthy or not. Consult this article on how to know if a ketamine clinic is trustworthy. 

If you’re looking for ketamine therapy in Phoenix, Arizona, feel free to set up a consultation with us at Daytryp Health. 

Chris Cohn, MAC

Chris Cohn, MAC

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Chris Cohn is Founder and CEO of Daytryp Health Psychedelic Wellness Centers and Founder of Scottsdale Recovery Center & Arizona Addiction Recovery Center. He brings more than 15 years of experience as a healthcare entrepreneur, specifically substance abuse treatment and addiction recovery. For more information on Daytryp Health, please visit them online at daytryp.com.

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