Here’s Why Ketamine Is Different Than Any Other Psychedelic

Here’s Why Ketamine Is Different Than Any Other Psychedelic

Anyone who has dived into psychedelic experiences knows that no two drugs are created equally. Yes, some hallucinogen drugs produce similar results, but they differ depending on a number of different factors. And as more ketamine clinics continue to open around the world — a sure sign that the alternative treatment is becoming more socially acceptable — we explain why ketamine differs from other psychedelics.

To help us identify reasons why ketamine differs from other psychedelics, we lean on the knowledge and experience of Healing Maps’ resident neuroscientist, Zeus Tipado, who explains in the video how ketamine compares (and is different) from psychedelics like ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, MDMA, and more.

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As Zeus states, ketamine is not a serotonergic agonists — instead being a NMDA antagonist — which is part of the reason why ketamine differs from other psychedelics.

For instance, if LSD and the brain act like tiny keys opening up serotonin receptors like locks, ketamine is like jamming these locks so that it’s impossible for a “key” to open up. This is is part of the reason why some experts don’t believe ketamine is a psychedelic.

There are supporting studies about the positive effects ketamine has on mental health issues. These include using ketamine for depression and ketamine for anxiety. And while there’s still plenty to understand, the video above helps explain why ketamine differs from other psychedelics — even if it acts in many unique ways.

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