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Nick Dimengo has more than 13 years of experience in the media industry, earning him a strong reputation in content strategy and development. He has previously written for publishers like Bleacher Report, Entrepreneur Magazine, Green Entrepreneur, Esquire, Maxim Magazine and FHM Magazine, among others. Having driven hundreds of millions of users during his career, Nick serves as both the Editorial Director of Healing Maps and as a Partner at The Statement Group. He is available to connect with via email and social media platforms.

Nick's Posts

Do Psychedelic Trips Actually Start In The Gut Instead Of The Brain?

Where do psychedelic trips start? It may not actually be where you think.

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Here’s Why Ketamine Is Different Than Any Other Psychedelic

Zeus Tipado, a PhD student focusing on the neuroscience of psychedelics, explains why ketamine differs from other psychedelics.

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What Will Psychedelics Look Like In The Future?

What will psychedelics look like in the future? Zeus Tipado, a PhD student focusing on the neuroscience of psychedelics, helps

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What Happens When A Blind Person Takes Psychedelics?

What happens when a blind person takes psychedelics? Zeus Tipado explains the unique process in the brain.

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Investing In Psychedelics: Why Is It In Such High Demand These Days?

What's all the rage with investing in psychedelics?

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A Psychedelic Trip Can Occur Without Ever Touching Psychedelics

A number of practices induce a psychedelic trip without ingesting a single substance.

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Psychedelic Drugs: Do You Need A Prescription For Medical Use?

Psychedelic drugs are still very much in the Wild West within medical circles.

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Why Psychedelics Treatment Is More Prominent In The Age Of COVID-19

Psychedelics are becoming a crutch for many during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Can I Get Ketamine Assistance Virtually? Things You Should Know

Many things have gone virtual, but is ketamine assistance one of them?

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