What Will Psychedelics Look Like In The Future?

What Will Psychedelics Look Like In The Future?

Ongoing research continues to show positive results supporting psychedelic therapy as an alternative treatment method. As people experiment with psilocybin therapy for mental health issues, or utilize ketamine for depression, an important question remains: What will psychedelics look like in the future?

While the year 2050 may seem far, far away, Healing Maps’ resident neuroscientist, Zeus Tipado, explains how the psychedelic industry may change in the next few decades.

So what will psychedelics look like in the future? As Zeus proclaims, it’s a question with “enormous possibilities.” And, while nobody knows for sure what psychedelics will look like years from now, more research will help break the current stigma about these drugs.

Referencing a 2021 study about PCP’s effects, we’re able to see how crucial research will impact the future of psychedelics. Results from the study are below.

The outcomes indicated that some new compounds have more antinociceptive effects than PCP in tail immersion and formalin tests. In the tail immersion test, the methyl piperazine analog (III) shows more efficacy than others. In the formalin test, none of the compounds are as effective as phencyclidine at the earliest time-point, but compounds IV and V do show more effective during the second stage of formalin pain.

So what will psychedelics look like in the future? Nobody knows for sure. But the current trajectory could lead to enormous breakthroughs in the fight against mental health issues.

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