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Note: This clinic is no longer open. Click here to find other ketamine clinics near you.

Achieve Medical Anchorage offers ketamine and esketamine services to people with treatment-resistant depression. Ketamine has been clinically proven to reduce the symptoms of depression in as many as 75 percent of people who have had no relief through traditional forms of therapy. The clinic prides itself on offering these services as a way to prioritize the health of its community.

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What People Like About Achieve Medical – Anchorage, Alaska

In our review of Achieve Medical in Anchorage, Alaska, we’ve identified several key aspects that people appreciate about this healthcare facility. Distilling feedback from numerous reviews, we present a bullet-point breakdown of the standout features.

  • Comprehensive Services: People value the wide range of services offered, covering various healthcare needs. This means patients often receive care for multiple issues in one place.
  • Expert Staff: Reviewers consistently praise the expertise and professionalism of the medical and support staff. Their knowledge and skill make a significant difference in patient care.
  • Patient-Focused Approach: Achieve Medical’s focus on patient needs and comfort stands out. They tailor treatments to each individual, ensuring personalized care.
  • Modern Facilities: The state-of-the-art facilities provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, which enhances the overall patient experience.
  • Cutting-Edge Treatments: Patients appreciate access to innovative treatments and technologies that are not widely available elsewhere.
  • Prompt Services: The efficiency in scheduling and minimal wait times contribute to a positive experience for those seeking care.
  • Collaborative Care: The facility’s integration with the Providence healthcare system and community specialists ensures a more accurate and cohesive treatment plan.
  • Educational Emphasis: Achieve Medical not only treats but also educates patients about their conditions, empowering them to make informed health decisions.

These components collectively contribute to Achieve Medical’s reputation as a leading healthcare provider in Anchorage. We find that the consistency in positive feedback underscores the facility’s commitment to high-quality care and patient satisfaction.

What People Don’t Like About Achieve Medical – Anchorage, Alaska

While many praise Achieve Medical for its attributes, some aspects receive criticism:

  • Navigating Services Can Be Difficult
  • Some find the range of services overwhelming.
  • Newcomers often require guidance to understand offerings.
  • Appointment Availability
  • High demand leads to longer wait times for appointments.
  • Urgent needs sometimes face scheduling challenges.
  • Communication Hurdles
  • Occasional lapses in communication between departments noted.
  • Patients occasionally experience delays in receiving test results.
  • Insurance and Billing Issues
  • Confusion over insurance policies occurs.
  • Billing discrepancies have been reported by a few.
  • Perceived Rush During Consultations
  • Patients sometimes feel appointments are hurried.
  • This can lead to unanswered questions or concerns.

A Little About Achieve Medical

The team at Achieve Medical Anchorage is comprised of highly skilled mental health professionals who are passionate about helping people achieve their goal of overall wellness. The clinic’s main mission is to “provide comprehensive and compassionate mental health and wellness services.” They strive to help those suffering regain control of their mental health once and for all using ketamine therapy.

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