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People with treatment-resistant depression can find relief through the use of ketamine therapy at Achieve Medical Portland. The health and wellness center utilizes cutting-edge ketamine infusions to help people overcome their debilitating symptoms once and for all.

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Ketamine has proven to be effective in as many as 75 percent of patients with the chronic mood disorder.

Exciting news: Oregon is legalizing Psilocybin therapy in early 2023. Click here to get on the waiting list for the first state-approved psilocybin therapy in the United States now!

The experienced staff at Achieve Medical Portland understand how difficult it can be to function with depression. Their compassionate stance on mental health helps them provide ketamine therapy in a warm and welcoming environment.

By creating comprehensive treatment plans with ketamine therapy, the staff can help each individual patient find the unique help they need.

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    February 7, 2023 at 7:20 pm

    Are you accepting new patients?

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