Chronic Pain Consultants – Marlton, New Jersey Ketamine Clinics

100 Brick Road, Suite 206 Marlton, NJ 08053
Chronic Pain Consultants in Marlton, New Jersey Dr. Philip Getson

Chronic Pain Consultants help those looking for pain relief via breakthrough ketamine assistance. The primary specialty at the clinic is reflex sympathetic dystrophy, otherwise known as complex regional pain syndrome.

Chronic Pain Consultants is led by Dr. Philip Getson. He believes that treating pain has to be done by reliving the traumatic event that caused it. He enlists the power of “old-school” intuitive techniques to help heal his patients. Treatments offered at the clinic include Biopuncture, Holistic Health Coaching, and Thermography.

Dr. Philip Getson often relies on his instincts with patients, but he does make sure to rely on research. His expertise in management makes his clinic one of the best ketamine therapy clinics available.


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