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Science-based mushroom retreat dedicated to providing high quality psilocybin and DMT experiences and mushroom cultivation education.

The Eleusinia Mushroom Retreat in Valle De Bravo, Mexico, is a guided psilocybin and DMT experience that provides people with new levels of healing. The retreat is held in luxurious accommodations, with the psilocybin products being of the utmost quality. Visitors can also learn about mushroom cultivation during their stay as well as how psilocybin affects both the psyche and the body.

The founder of Eleusinia wants to give guests their power back. By teaching people all about psilocybin, guests can leave the retreat feeling better than when they arrived and equipped with the knowledge to dose independently long after the retreat is over.

The retreat offers guests safety, security, and science-backed psilocybin experiences that can help with mental health disorders, chronic pain, or inflammation.

The Mission

This is the retreat for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of the psychedelic experience and the neuroscience behind it. Visitors leave with more than just casual knowledge; they leave with the skills and confidence to pursue the use of psilocybin on their own terms.

Eleusinia is a retreat created and designed by a psilocybin patient. We cut straight through the mystery and gatekeeping that is so common in psychedelic culture and put real, practical knowledge and skills in the hands of those who need it most. Everything about this experience is geared toward your long term success and continued engagement with psilocybin.

Who Are Our Clients?

Our no-nonsense approach with a focus on neuroscience appeals to a variety of people. Our visitors are often knowledgeable but skeptical and looking for a science focused approach, but also those who are looking for a transformative experience in a safe environment they can trust. It is comprehensive enough to appeal to the experienced psychonauts, but is also tailored to the needs of a beginner. This program is great for anyone looking to use psilocybin in a meaningful, impactful way.

The Villa

Eleusinia is located in the mountainous region of Valle De Bravo, a couple hours from Mexico City. The villa has six guestrooms, allowing us to accommodate groups of around 8-10 participants. The weather is consistently fresh and cool year round with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom and either one king or two queen beds.

The Food

This retreat offers a healthy chef prepared vegetarian menu packed with local organic produce. Every meal consists of three gourmet courses and is designed to showcase the unique flavors of the region with locally foraged mushrooms and exotic fruits.

The Psilocybin Experiences

Guests experience two psilocybin sessions, a macrodose and a minidose, with the intention of honing functional skills.


Our DMT sessions are all individual, one on one sessions held on the day between the psilocybin macrodose and minidose day.

Eleusinia Psychedelic Practices: 1. Psilocybin Macrodose, approximatedly 5 gram dose with a guided experience. 2. One-on-one DMT session. 3. Psilocybin Minidose, approximately 1.5 gram dose combined with breathwork and meditation. 4. Cultivation Course, Learn to grow mushrooms.

Testimonials from Eleusinia Participants

I can’t even begin to put into words what a profound blessing this retreat was in my life. Jessica and her team have truly curated an experience that was safe, seamless and intricately thought through down to every small detail. What I experienced thanks to her team has completely shifted my perspective, and most importantly it allowed me to connect with my higher self in a way I have never experienced before. It aligned my mind, body and soul in a way that no other therapy has been able to do for me, and I am still experiencing the effects and working to integrate the experience into my (new!) life.

Additionally, being someone who has dealt with chronic pain myself for years, this retreat stood out to me from others in that it gave me the tools to continue treatment on my own and granted me the knowledge of how to plan to do so safely, what dosage is right for me and what sort of environment I need to create here at home.

Jessica’s team is truly special – from the breathwork and meditation, bodywork, integration sessions, energy healing and everyone behind the scenes (the food was divine!), I cannot thank this team enough for creating such an incredible experience for me.

Eleusinia – you have my heart! I can’t wait to go back!!!

Krista T

Eleusinia is truly a life changing experience. Whether you come for pain management or as part of your spiritual healing journey there is something here that will truly change your life. The experience was highly curated and every detail was taken care of from the personal pick up by Jay to the food and tone/setting of the beautiful space itself.

From the moment I arrived I was put at ease by the genuinely kind and compassionate team. My fears and anxieties quickly subsided as I met and interacted with some of the most wonderful people I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Jessica, Jay, Josefina, Tawnya, and Andrew provided support and encouragement from their own lived experiences. They empower their guests and teach us all how to continue our treatment and our healing without depending on them. Although I still believe that I will be back again. The experience was so incredible.

I put my faith into the hands of Eleusinia because I believe in the science and evidence-based treatment. However, what I found was so much more. I embraced the spiritual connection that was fostered and built through the genuine connections with people and nature. I feel as though I am truly able to connect with my mind, body, and soul. I have a renewed outlook on life and I can truly say that I am excited for what the future holds.

I can’t say enough about the people and the experience at Eleusinia! You will not regret booking this retreat. Everyone deserves to feel as loved, safe, and cared for as I did in the hands of the Eleusinia team! Thank you Eleusinia!

Lisa W

This experience far exceeded my expectations. Jessica, Jay, and the rest of the staff are so empathetic and caring.

I want to emphasize this above everything else: they went WAY above and beyond to make sure we got the most out of our experience. It would be 10pm or later and Jessica would still be suggesting ways to enhance our experience! I felt so cared for, and embraced, by the whole team. My husband did not have an entirely great first “trip” and they made it their mission to make sure he left there with a good experience and the tools to repeat it.

When I looked online for reviews/photos, it seems that most of the previous reviews are for their other location in Puerto Vallarta. This location is about 2 hours outside Mexico City (they provide a shuttle), in the mountains, so it was fairly cool and would rain in the late afternoons, but the mornings/early afternoons were consistently beautiful and definitely not too hot. Bring a sweater and you’re good. It was heavenly to sit by the fire in the cool evenings.

The space is a large house with the main floor being open to the “backyard” which consisted of a hot tub, pool, spacious yard, palapa for yoga, and a drop dead gorgeous view of a lake and mountains. Our individual room was spacious and filled with light; we even had a private balcony. Honestly we did not spend much time in the room; this was a group experience.

The meals are all plant based and healthy, but way more delicious than that sounds. Every meal was beautifully plated and included a few courses. They found a way to work in lots of mushrooms (haha) and local ingredients (for example, nopales). Your body will thank you for eating this food.

Andrew does the most amazing body work. I felt a little guilty because he probably wanted to relax in the evening but there was a steady stream of “customers” and he treated each of us like kings.

Now for the experience (that’s what you’re here for!). We were in a group of 10 people (some couples some singles). The experience starts on your arrival day/evening with an informational session about what to expect, then you’re on a “macro” dose on your first full day. I had an absolutely lovely experience, which was enhanced by the beautiful setting (seriously, it’s an amazing space) and the care and attention to detail they showed. They’ve thought of everything you’d need to be comfortable, and were constantly checking in with everyone to make sure their “trip” was a good one. Some of the attendees had very, very intense experiences, and the staff all did their best to help at every step.

After the macro dose, you get a day off to learn about mushroom cultivation and relax. I am a bit of a DIYer when it comes to food, so I was really grateful for their presentation on how to grow the mushrooms. It was very well prepared and came with step by step video instructions. I’m excited to start growing them! I’ve presented on similar topics myself (i.e. canning, food preservation, winemaking) and I can say that they put a lot of thought into their material and presented it in a way that will set you up for success.

Next comes the “mini” dose (which they distinguish from microdosing). I found this experience far less intense, but very relaxing. We did some simple yoga poses out on the palapa while the afternoon rain was moving in….it was an amazing experience that I doubt I’ll ever have in my life again.

Lastly, the group. I was there with my husband, along with 8 other strangers. Not strangers for long! It was an intense shared experience and we created bonds that I have no doubt will last. It was a privilege to be part of that group, and to learn from Jessica, Jay, Andrew, Tawnya, Yamil, Josephina, and the rest of the staff.

I don’t need to go back. They gave me the tools to experience this myself. But I will consider myself lucky if I am able to repeat this experience: it was really profound.

Sarah S

Highly recommend Eleusinia Retreat for anyone looking to have a therapeutic experience with mushrooms. The staff is amazing and very well trained to guide you through the process. The villa is in a beautiful setting and that really helps add to the experience. I just returned and all 10 participants had healing benefits and you walk away feeling empowered to continue the process on your own. We all want to come back in a year and see the changes in each others lives, we all bonded and are grateful to have had the experiences together, even though we started as strangers.

Irene D

Eleusinia Pricing

Eleusinia pricing structure: $2,250 per person for a shared room with two queen beds and a private bath. $4,750 for a private room with either two queen beds or one king bed. The private room pricing includes up to two participants.

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