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At Indy Vital, a ketamine infusion program offers relief from severe forms of mental illnesses like depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder. The therapy program can also help those suffering from chronic pain. The clinic operates with the intention of restoring and revitalizing patients’ health.

The providers at Indy Vital include a Board-certified physician and an experienced nurse practitioner. The staff is led up by medical director Dr. Cris Vieira, who has extensive experience and knowledge in the area of mental illness care. The clinic offers a safe and comfortable ambiance so patients can feel at ease while receiving their treatments. The staff prides themselves on offering the best in clinical care in a spa-like environment.

When looking for the best ketamine therapy clinics, consider this center as an option. Given the staff’s experience, questions about side effects of medical psychedelics can be answered, as well as any information about getting ketamine assistance virtually.


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