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Kiyumi 4 Day Integrative Retreat – Netherlands Psilocybin Retreats


Although introduced to North America over 70 years ago, it is just recently that psilocybin mushrooms have come under scrutiny for their healing and therapeutic qualities. Hosted just outside Amsterdam, Netherlands, the Kiyumi 4 Day Integrative retreat offers seekers a safe and potent ceremony. A psilocybin ceremony is accompanied by wellness workshops, beautiful settings, and gourmet food. Change has never looked so appealing!

The leading visionary of Kiyumi, Amit Elan, has been involved in psychedelic medicines for over a decade. His work focuses on the LGBTQI+ and on those with autoimmune conditions. He sees plant medicines as a vital part of recovery and growth for these communities. The Kiyumi 4 Day Integrative retreat is a perfect introduction to the powerful, life-changing experience of the psychedelic mushroom.

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