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The goal of the staff at One Spirit Infinite Journeys is to be guides and facilitators helping others open themselves up to greater knowledge of love and personal reflection. They work with a variety of plant medicines and healing modalities facilitated by trusted staff members. In One Spirit Infinite Journeys group or private retreats, guests have the opportunity to experience and work with different medicines such as the sacred mushroom Psilocybin, Ayahuasca, Kambo, Rapé, and San Pedro (Huachuma).

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In addition to plant medicines, One Spirit Infinite Journeys also offers a number of different modalities to support healing and the integrative process with these medicines. Things a guest might find in these retreats include Holotropic Breathwork, Somatic Release practices, Authentic Relating, Self Inquiry, Meditation, Yoga, Sound Healing, and Music. 

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Guided and founded by Andrew and Jessica, One Spirit Infinite Journeys is a shared inspiration that grew from a Ayahuasca retreat Andrew was attending and Jessica was supporting. Little synchronicities here and there brought the two together again for a second retreat at the same center where they developed a love of one another. The idea to start the One Spirit Infinite Journeys retreat came during a shared mushroom journey in the mountains of San Jose Del Pacifico. 

The name One Spirit Infinite Journeys came from Andrew and Jessica’s belief that there is one true spirit but an infinite number of journeys to return home to that spirit. The pair understand their chosen way is simply one of the many and respect and honor all the paths. 

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Psilocybin Treatments Offered

Private Retreats

Having the focus of healing only on oneself can be a difficult yet rewarding journey. One Spirit Infinite Journeys helps begin that journey, walks each person through their personal retreat and offers support in the days afterwards. One Spirit Infinite Journeys offers private retreats from 3 and up to 7 nights and customized each experience after an application process and medical screening.

One Spirit Infinite Journeys offers several different ceremony and treatment options including Mushroom Ceremony, Ayahuasca Ceremony, Kambo Ceremony, Holotropic Breathwork, Rapé Ceremony, Radical Self-Inquiry, Somatic Release, Sound Healing, Temazcal, and Digital Detox. 

Group Retreats

One Spirit Infinite Journeys hosts several group retreats throughout the year. A few examples of retreats hosted in the past year include Sacred Mushroom Retreat, Deepening Presence Retreat, Healing Ancestry Retreat, New Year’s Retreat, and Couples Retreat.

Each retreat includes lodging, vegetarian meals, breath work, authentic relating, and a chance to explore the land around the retreat area. 


Private Retreats Pricing

  • 3-night One Spirit Infinite Journeys retreat begins at $5,500 USD for an individual or $7,500 USD for a couple.
  • 7-night One Spirit Infinite Journeys retreat begins at $13,500 USD for an individual or $15,500 USD for a couple. 

Group Retreat Pricing

  • A 7-night One Spirit Infinite Journeys group retreat begins at $2,097 USD for a private room or $1,897 USD for a shared room. The facility does offer discounts to those who sign up to retreats before a specific date. 

Contact Information

Address:  Cabaña San Jose del Pacífico, Puerto Angel – Oaxaca, 5 San José del Pacífico, San Mateo Río Hondo, Oaxaca, Mexico

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What You Need to Know About Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are psychedelic because they contain the psychedelic compounds psilocybin and psilocin. They are also a completely natural psychedelic. Psilocybin is a prodrug, meaning it is only psychoactive when consumed and processed in the body. When you take mushrooms containing psilocybin, the body will convert the psilocybin into psilocin, which is psychoactive. Both psilocybin and psilocin belong to a group of chemicals known as tryptamines. This grouping also includes compounds like DMT and 5-MeO-DMT.

Magic mushroom use is thousands of years old, but the idea largely entered public awareness with the publication of an article about magic mushrooms in Life magazine in 1957. Written by the then vice-president of J.P. Morgan R. Gordon Wasson, this article detailed a magic mushroom ceremony in Oaxaca, Mexico that Wasson took part in. In the decade that followed, more Westerners began experimenting with psilocybin mushrooms.

Today, promising new research trials have found that psilocybin can effectively treat a number of intransigent psychiatric conditions. It’s why psychedelics for depression and other mental health issues are becoming more popular these days.

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