Paulina Alanis, MA, brings together an expert team of healers and professionals to provide psilocybin mushroom ceremonies in Tepoztlan, Mexico. The psilocybin mushroom is being hailed as a psychiatric wonder drug. Sufferers and seekers alike have achieved profound spiritual growth during these life-changing ceremonies.

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What People Like About Paulina Alanis, MA – Tepoztlan, Mexico

In our journey through guest reviews about Paulina Alanis, we’ve discovered several aspects highly praised by her clients. Here’s what stands out:

  • Personalized Attention: Guests rave about Paulina’s dedication to offering personal attention. Each visitor feels genuinely cared for throughout their stay.
  • Expert Guidance: Many appreciate the expert guidance Paulina provides. Her professionalism in wellness practices greatly enhances the experience.
  • Stunning Location: The retreat’s location in Tepoztlán is consistently a highlight. Its natural beauty and serene environment are perfect for relaxation.
  • Cultural Immersion: Visitors love the opportunity for cultural immersion. Exploring local traditions and cuisine adds a unique touch to their retreat.
  • Transformative Wellness Programs: The wellness programs receive high praise for being transformative. Guests leave feeling rejuvenated and inspired.
  • Community Feel: The retreat’s ability to create a sense of community among guests is a cherished aspect. Sharing experiences with others adds depth to their stay.
  • Quality Accommodations: The comfort and quality of the accommodations are consistently noted. Guests appreciate the tranquil and clean environment.
  • Tailored Experiences: Paulina’s knack for tailoring the retreat experience to meet individual needs is highly valued. Guests feel their personal growth journeys are supported and enhanced.

Through these bullet points, it’s clear that Paulina Alanis offers a retreat experience that goes beyond just a simple getaway. Her approach to personal wellness, combined with the natural and cultural richness of Tepoztlán, makes for an unforgettable retreat that her clients highly recommend.

What People Don’t Like About Paulina Alanis, MA – Tepoztlan, Mexico

While many aspects of Paulina Alanis’ retreat in Tepoztlán, Mexico, have earned high praise, some areas may not meet everyone’s expectations. We believe in providing a balanced view, so here are a few points some guests have noted as downsides:

  • Limited Connectivity:
  • Internet access can be sporadic.
  • Some guests find it hard to stay in touch with the outside world.
  • Restricted Diet Options:
  • Meal choices closely follow wellness principles.
  • May not cater to all dietary preferences or needs.
  • Intense Programs:
  • Wellness activities can be rigorous.
  • Not all guests might be prepared for the level of engagement required.
  • Rustic Accommodations:
  • Rooms prioritize simplicity and minimalism.
  • Those expecting luxury may find the settings too basic.
  • Group Dynamics:
  • Retreats often involve group activities.
  • Solo travelers might seek more personal space.
  • Location Seclusion:
  • The retreat’s remote setting enhances tranquility.
  • However, it can limit quick access to Tepoztlán’s broader offerings.
  • Preparation Requirements:
  • Guests must often follow pre-visit instructions.
  • This can be seen as an inconvenience by some.

A Little About Paulina Alanis

Paulina Alanis, MA, oversees her team of experts. She has worked with plant medicines for just under a decade. Paulina’s focus is on how these plants can be used to promote healing from PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Along with the rest of the team, Paulina also sees psychedelic mushrooms as a way of encouraging “psych-spiritual growth”.

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