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Sense of Self Institute – Jamaica Psilocybin Retreats

The logo of the Sense of Self Institute

The Sense of Self Institute wants to help people heal from trauma through the use of psychedelics. Specializing in psilocybin retreats, the company facilitates several trips throughout the year in Jamaica. Often five nights long, each retreat includes luxury tropical lodging, chef-prepared meals, group workshops, sessions with a licensed psychotherapist, and most importantly, multiple profound and soul-merging psilocybin journeys.

Making the Sense of Self Institute particularly unique is the fact that the team prioritizes long-term sustainable transformation. This means that in addition to attending a retreat, you’ll take part in both preparatory work before you leave and ongoing integration work when you return.

The Institute was founded by Tony Perzow, who used his own pain as the catalyst to start helping others. Together with the Sense of Self team, he wants those suffering from trauma to find the most authentic version of themselves.

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