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Nue Life At-Home Ketamine Service in Colorado.

Nue Life has currently paused operations. For at-home ketamine telehealth services, we recommend reaching out to Innerwell.

Typically more affordable than in-clinic treatments, Nue Life offers HIPAA-compliant at-home ketamine treatment. Catalyze lasting change and experience rapid relief with Nue Life’s oral in-home ketamine treatments. Nue Life offers a therapeutic ecosystem of ketamine therapy, interactive app & virtual integration and health coaching programs.

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Our team of dedicated physicians, nurses, and support professionals safely delivers transformative care that addresses the root cause of trauma and “dis-ease.” Industry studies show that almost 90% of patients see relief in their symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Testimonials from Nue Life Patients

“I am forever grateful for this group! They have helped me to dig deep for true healing within – and in the comfort of my own home. I highly recommend Nue Life to everyone. The team is absolutely great! Thank you!”

Marlena M.

After 35 years of dealing with PTSD symptoms, I’ve finally been able to recognize my triggers and discuss them with professionals. I’ve developed a mature and responsible foundation that I can fall back on if I feel my disorder influencing my behavior. I’m able to grow and progress in my personal relationship, and I now enjoy life with enthusiasm. The Nue Life process is remarkably fast and safe. As a medical professional, I recommend this to anyone stuck in life’s quicksand. The process is amazing.

Mitchell A.

After more than 20 years of suffering from PTSD, I’ve finally found a treatment that is profoundly restorative. This allows me to process and heal. The staff at Nue Life are professional and I feel comfortable working with them. I’m very grateful for their services.

Kimberly P.
Nue Life At-Home Ketamine Service in Colorado.

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