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3151 Airway Avenue E1, Costa Mesa CA 92626
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People struggling with the debilitating symptoms of substance use disorder can find relief and help at Resurgence Behavioral Health. The mental health and addictions center offers addiction services alongside behavioral health therapies to help tackle not only substance use disorder but also any underlying mood disorders or traumas that contribute to addiction.

Recovery can be impossible for many people if there are co-occurring conditions, and the staff at the addiction treatment center understands that.

People looking to Resurgence Behavioral Health can expect to be part of several programs, including detoxification, in- or outpatient treatment programs, and sober living aftercare. They use cognitive behavioural therapy, medication-assisted detox, and other therapy techniques as a way to address all aspects of addiction.

By tackling substance use disorder from several avenues, they can provide long-lasting recovery to their patients.

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