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Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
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Rooted Waters Iboga & Psychedelic Therapy offers wellness retreats based on the healing properties of psychedelic medicine. The ceremonies aim to provide healing and transformation for guests while they take in the serene beauty of Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. The team that hosts the retreats hopes to help their guests bridge the gap between various facets of health for total body, mind, and spiritual wellness.

The environment surrounding Rooted Waters Iboga & Psychedelic Therapy creates a warm and safe environment for guests to truly let go and allow healing and transformation to occur. Facilitators of the retreats and psychedelic ceremonies are highly compassionate, experienced, and believe in the true power of psychedelic medicine.


From the moment I entered the Wakyanii Sanctuary, the feeling of warmth, love and care were overwhelming. Every act that Dimitri and Coco did only served to enhance that feeling, allowing me to feel at home, away from home.

I arrived feeling very nervous, fully finding the peace and healing that I was seeking to be able to move forward in the right way. The creativity, integrity and compassion Dimitri and Coco showed created the right soil for my wounds to find healing. Now I have two homes, and am able to walk with gratitude in my Heart. I will forever be grateful to them both and Iboga. Will return guaranteed!

— Clay Ponich, Vernon

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